The new challenge system

The new challenge system is all kind of wrong. That is the only thing I can say about a system so flawed. It’s not that the challenges are bad per say, it’s just that they have a added frustration in that the mechanics are so flawed it gets dumb.

Take the crystal cove like harvest shards for example. All of these favors casters. In fact there should be any reason (such as the case with CC) to take any fighter types. This is AOE insta death championship on steroids.
Then add the worst pathing mechaning in the universe. You think CC was bad? Wait until the kobolds find the castle and decided to go spastic. And they do so by going all over the place. And by all over the place we mean all over the place. Suddenly in what you think is a controlled environment (the path you lay out) you’ll have kobolds going all over the place; ignoring the safe path of the torches to pull monsters from rooms on the opposite side of where you are. And they’re fragile. When I mean fragile I don’t mean like – oh, did you get hurt – kind of fragile. No more like we just ran into a room, got scared and now will stand and shiver while they kill us one by one.

And kill them one by one they will. Suddenly you’ll find ‘a kobold have died’ one after one and you don’t know where since they’re not dying on your path. They’re dying 3 rooms away because they don’t like to follow the torches back – they like to take their own clown rout.

Plus the forman is super fragile. Suddenly you hear ‘incoming’ then moments later ‘the foreman have died.

Plus two of the quests are level 15 capped – not all the way to 20.

Let me put it simple; the whole concept is very interesting. But so many quests with so many flaws make for a dumb experience. If you simply bake it flaky pathing as a challenge in the system (I think someone wrote that their fragility is part of the game) then what you make is a frustration and not a fun.

No game mechanic should be built around the thing that makes it bad. Lets not pretend that poor and dumb pathing somehow is part of the game challenge itself, unless of course Turbine came to a point that they simply can’t fix it so they’ll pretend that the double whammy of poor pathing and fragile kobolds makes for a more exciting game.

That’s like trying to put up a reasonable strategy and tactic but you’re banking on that your team mate – a monkey – have the same skeelz as you do.

So yesterday when it went live I was not surprised that very few played it and more tried to play shroud on hard and elite and there was more echrono and Vod than ever before. I saw some people over in house of Cannith but my feeling was that the overwhelming amount of players simply ignored it – for now.

Turbine – I get what you’re doing here. But so many flawed challenge quests just doesn’t make for fun playin’. Personally I wish you’d scale it back to say 3-4, got those right and then keep on releasing 3-4 until you had what you envisioned. ‘Cause eventhough the items are okay the execution is so chaotic and boring that I just can’t feel all that excited about it.

Thanks for shroud tho; eventhough we failed in part 4 (and the blades are just out of the world painful) I still look forward to trying and complete. Now that’s success.


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