The things that get me

Sometimes I really enjoy DDO. Like some of the new challenges with the ability to make tokens, exp pots etc using mats from the challenge quests. Very clever, smart idea and something that adds to the game.

Othertimes it’s just poorly executed. Like hirelings. Especially gold. So I get a rogue and do quests on elite, 2 levels above the quests, so a 7 is done with my level 9 monk. I use a gold rogue and cleric along with a sorc. The Rogue can’t find one single trap. Mind you he’s 2 levels above. I boost him with stuff like heroism. Still can’t find it. He’s blind. Completely and utterly worthless – above level and boosted and still not good at anything. And that’s what get me. I get it that a on level such as a level 7 rogue hireling doing a level 7 quest on elite – a good regular player would be able to but it would be wrong that a hireling could. But above level and boosted (let me say this again – above level and boosted) can’t.

There’s something fundamentally idiotic with that. I used real money to get those points I used to add those hirelings and even above level they’re worthless.

I mean the damage is pity poor, can’t find traps and get really do much other than suck SP from the cleric and die dramatically.

It left me so bitter by wasting lots of time just to have to face hit myself through traps to move on.

So thanks for all the good stuff, changes and bug fixes. But please pretty please – lets get real here – I don’t expect the rogue hireling (above quest level) to find and disable the hardest traps in this game – but surely some or it is simply one of the crappiest hirelings to waste real money on.


2 thoughts on “The things that get me

  1. deahamlet

    Elite traps have way higher DC. And I mean insanely higher than normal level traps. A level 9 arti couldn’t find a level 7 elite trap… and he had boost on, item with +X search/DD… and couldn’t find it.

    So it makes sense that unless you’re 1 level about quest level and therefore rogue is +3 levels above… it’s not going to happen.


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