Monthly Archives: January 2012

And then I was 7

Turbine announces 20% XP and I buy a bunch of 30% pots and TR my Artificer to a second round of runearm shootin’, repeater pewing greatness.

I must say it’s a delight to be able to craft a couple of good modules for the pet and a bunch of early shiners to shoot with. Add to that a bunch of runearms ranging from level 1 and up and I’ve had fun leveling.

I like the firebolt Khyber something one. It’s a level 2 charge fire blast – similar to Animus (but not as powerful of course) and I could start using it at level 3. I’ve used ot to blow up breakables and to smack critters in the face with it. Give it a good boost with superior combustion and I run through quests blowing and pewing things up.

And using whatever little time I had this weekend with the XP pot and the extra XP I managed to hit level 7, doing all level 1-4 quests except the solo ones.

Some I doubled up on (say elite and hard) but in the end I could do them all on Elite and still second rank level 7 before I went to the trainer.

Arti is a good 1-10 leveller. Self sufficient, good early DPS, some help from a almost competent pet and with some hireling heals it’s not that hard to level quickly. And by the time I was done by Shan’s guardian I had smacked it twice with battle engineer clickie and all was good.

I’m currently out of my second 30% pot and will use the time to do some challenges since the scaling isn’t all that rough early on. I figured I would get a level 8 Flame cloak (and then lower its level with 2 using masterful) so I can get a better crit on my rune arm.

But those bracers look interesting too – if only the early electric runearms were any good and not a close range cone.

Or maybe I see what the frozen tunic or the boots can do and get myself a striding ring instead.