The travails of soloing.

I’ve managed to slowly level up to 11 on my newly TR’d Arti. Since few of my guild is on at any given time and the servers have been pretty slow of late, there are seldom any opportunity to run the specific quests I need to run to progress.

Which is fine all the way up to level 10, but after that most of the high XP Elite quests require a functional balanced group and solo with hirelings is not a very useful way of doing it.

Don’t get me wrong; arti’s are good and with pet and hirelings it’s not all bad – but lets face it. Hirelings are digitally dumb and they seem to have regressed with U12. I mean half the time my healer hireling find it unimportant to heal me and half the time a fighter hireling will simply just stand there and do nothing when someone shoots at them or worse; shoots my character.

Or better; stand in a trap healing or drinking pot until it dies. Yeah, they still do that. I figure you rent them for an hour and they get tired of the low pay for all the cuts and bruises that they rather end things in a trap than go on.

I’m just trying to hit 12 so I can start looking for other groups to take me all the way to 20. It’s going to be slow from here (it feels anyways) and we’ll see just how dreadful the process will be.


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