Thank gosh for good players

I wanted to play wizking but we ended up doing flames instead. Which is alright; I don’t like flames, but I figure it needed to get done.

I ran with a group of people that for most part knew exactly how to play and play well and I didn’t so so bad either with my Arti. I was second in kills and even had my moments of clarity.

I ran with a guy called Blehz (or something rather) that was obviously going through the whole TR train (last time I ran with him was when we were doing level 21 challenges for mat and ultimately tokens).

He sounds just like Michael Cera (Superbad, Scott Pilgrim vs. the world etc) and he’s darn good. But he was of course not alone; the guys he ran with certainly knew everything there was about question.

So in less time then the buffs ran out (but some wilderness romp and the quest) we had a completion and I had to move on.

I certainly don’t mind competent groups and it saves the headache of soloing it or running with ‘need guide pls’ groups that end up with a group full of people who need guides.


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