I CAN quit you

Last week I did what I haven’t done in a while; I left a group. I never rage quit. There’s no point doing so. To leave mad is to defeat the purpose of just cutting your losses and move on. I’ve been in groups where people rage quit; for no apparent reasons. Like it’s taking too long or when the group was finally filled the whole group suddenly left because people didn’t get to the quest quickly enough.

This was different.

It started with a really messy Temple of Vol; people dying left and right. Ironically the rogue and the healer. Not just once, but generally from the same thing – traps and such. Meanwhile I wanted just one thing; a Deathward. I figured that would save me from neg levels and insta kill spells.

Of course I didn’t get one, so when we dropped down the baddies neg leveled me and insta killed me.
This could have been avoided by a simple deathward. Then we proceeded in the same fashion. Death in almost every single room and lots of sloppy running ahead fightin’.

You simply can’t get worse than that (so I thought).

Then we decided to go to that quest with the mephits and the fire and normal side.

Anyways – some people actually died on the way there (the rogue and the healer) and once inside the quest the entire group didn’t wait for a late straggler and went through the first portal.

I had enough when I went through – got neg leveled and beat down (despite asking for DW – what was I thinking – and the healer was right there). As I was laying there not quite dead yet the healer ran with the rest of the group (I saw him smacking things instead of healing) and the monk came back and threw me a heal (scroll). And that was it. If a healer in the group refuses to heal a member and moves on and leave that guy behind; I assume that the rest will be more of the same. The group will just leave stragglers behind and most of my stuff would be broken in the process.

Which brings me to another group I would have dropped, but didn’t since ‘death to us all’ came first. We ran TOR on normal with a clonk. Turns out the clonk was less cleric than monk and not very good at both. This was apparent when we hit the first dragon. Half the team was dead within minutes (since the clonk was busy doing next to nothing in damage against the dragon) while the 2 casters we had in the group didn’t consider firewall or fire related spells of any importance.

Meanwhile I died several times and spent the rest of the time scroll healing before finally dying with the rest of the group.

The moral of the story – if you’re a healer and start a group. And you say you’re it. Then heal. Or try to act like one.

Otherwise then stipulate that you’re not very good at it, don’t want to do it or BYOH.

Now, I’m not a expert healer. But I have never truly bombed with my Favored Soul. I wouldn’t use the teenie term ‘beast’ but I can sure heal like a champ with him.

The other day I decided to build a cleric. I’ve had one for a while – level 4, but he ended up as a mule because I didn’t feel like getting him going.

But since my oldest son and his girlfriend play I decided that maybe I could hitch a ride with them – heal em while they level. And I could groom his tactics a little and offer some useful advice while I teach him the basic of the quests.

And boy is it nice to have a crafter.

First off I gave my cleric the Chronosphere Full plate, although I could have given it a level 4 Crystal Cove plate. I figured the Chrono one won that fight because of the Spell resistance 19. And trust me, that’s good since Elite Kobold shamen like to hold you. Which kind of makes healing a little difficult.

My Cleric already had a Wiz II, Concentration +7 Pirate bandana and I gave it a Superior Devotion IV ring along with a Wiz I of featherfalling ring.

I finished that off with a Moderate fort belt, gloves with resistance +3, Shield with Healing Lore +6%, Club with Empower Healing II (lower the use of the metamagic), the pirate vitality trinket with exceptional +10% fort and the stone skin proc and striding +15% boots.

The only thing open would be the cloak and goggles.

Most of the items except the belt I think are BTA and I used masterful to lower the ML required where needed.

This provides my monk with 85% fortification (so very unlikely the critters will crit him), lots of spell resistance, A great chance to heal crit and a lower cost to cast healing spells. On top of that I have tons of wands to get the job done and it’ll be a breeze to stand back and healbot.

I also have a Heavy fort ML 7 belt in the bank along with a Greater healing lore +9% shield (both BTA). So with the Superior Devotion ring and those healing lore items I won’t grow ‘out of them’ anytime soon.

I’m considering making a adamantine full plate (great source of early DR) with some kind of temp HP proc on it. I do believe that would be a ML 5 minimum item and quite useful. I can always make a spell resistance cloak and I’m sure I can find something useful for the goggles as well.


3 thoughts on “I CAN quit you

  1. Wagon_Master

    Sounds like a healer whom may have been left behind in the past, and was not about to let it happen again. He also was not watching the levels of the party. On my clerics, that last part is easy to do, but I rarely do it. I am more likely to fail to see MY own level get low, and sometimes have to have it pointed out to me. On the other hand, getting left behind, happens because I am not that fast.

  2. geoffhanna

    Have you advanced your Silver Flame token? Deathblock but it also blocks up to 10 negative energy attacks. Nice 🙂

  3. deahamlet

    Oh my. I have had to do the same fuss thing with deathward… believe it or not… in epics. Come on people, Deathward is a minimum you should cast. It’d also be nice to have the buff against enchantments since there’s always enchant spells being cast (hold, disco, etc).

    But really, all I want is a measly deathward. And I sometimes have to ask 5 times and still no deathward. How am I to believe this person is going to watch my HP? Thank gawd I self-heal. Next I’ll be bringing my own deathward clickie, SIGH.

    Two casters in Tor and they didn’t own that dragon/giant team? Shame. Firewall and fireball is like a magic button in there. Kite, ball, kite. The ice team should be the easiest.

    Next time get 2 artificers, sit back and pike. No healers, no melees, no fuss. Or get two arcanes that have a clue.


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