In the sea of blue blue XP-mas

Consider me pre-ordered

So I wanted to buy greater tomes of learning; thinking that since it’s 2500 on Lam it’ll be 2500+ (like 4k or something) live.

Turns out they’re 1000 for the lesser, 1500 for the greater and a upgrade from lesser to greater for 600. That’s like; hmm, I smells lots of learnin’ come u13.

However as I was about to install the new version it had a splash screen to menace of underdark preorder page and curious as I was I clicked it. 2 things; June 25th and 79.99.

But as I looked some more that was for the collector’s edition (and I never buy those when I buy games), and there were 2 smaller bundles too. Then I read what was in each.

First it said a greater and a lesser tome of learning for the collector’s. Not bad – I mean I was going to buy the greater anyways. You get 2k, some quests and pets. I really don’t care for the pets. The only functional pet I care for is my Arti’s Metalhead. Then I read the breakdown comparison between the different bundles and the lesser said for life. Meaning any time I create a new person I can start it up as Veteran II (comes with the bundle) level 7 AND it gets a lesser tome of learning.

Which can be upgraded to greater for 600 points.

So I whipped out my CC quicker than someone can make a funny joke about under dark and under britches and Turbine heard lots of KA-TCHING as I upgraded my account, applied it and logged in to see that I indeed had all the goodies.

I immediately gave the chief benefit to my Arti – since I intend to TR him some more but pets and Arti kind of works. And with it you also get a 3 hour 20% experience pot. Making early grinding not all that bad.

I’m very curious to see just what a nice little Elite Vale or Shavarath quest can provide and how quickly I can bag those last 4 levels. And since there’s also a 10% level bonus going on I’ll be awash in XP for the coming week.


One thought on “In the sea of blue blue XP-mas

  1. Thoriek

    I was supposed to pre-order the 29,90 pack until I saw the comparison table and the “for life” text …

    I have done exacly the same you did after that. Counting minutes until i got home for play tonight.


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