Not blessed but rune-armed

So the new traveler egg hunt is up and I ran my arti through the motion and decided foolishly to buy 5 more blessings; don’t.

Don’t waste your points on it since you’re more likely to get supreme potions than anything else. And 10 minutes with +2 to all stats is just not very useful compared to say a XP potion. Out of 6 (I did my Monks blessing as well) I received 2 res cakes, 2 10% XP potions and 8 supreme potions. So over half of the blessings gave me a value well below 200 points worth.

But my weekend wasn’t fruitless at all; I hit 20 on my once TR’d Arti and ended pulling the mindsunder and Master Artificer rune arms.

I like both; the mindsunder one because it’s force (and will damage pretty much anything) and it’s ‘heat seeking’. But I also like Toven’s Hammer because it adds a lightning proc to the main weapon and it can be further upgraded a couple of steps adding Exceptional Intelligence and a Torc like SP proc on hit.

I’ve played around with both and I have a trinket with Major force lore and I created one for Toven’s hammer (Major lightning lore). I also pretty much maxed out both enhancement lines. 45% on the force one with 75% extra crit damage (and 9% additional chance to crit) and max everything on the lightning side. That’s 50% additional damage, 9% crit chance and 125% more crit damage. That works out to a lot of damage on crit.
The idea is to use lightning motes as much as possible together with the rune arm. That’ll add a chance that the target takes extra damage from lightning and then followed up with a nice fully charged rune arm attack.

It’ll give me a reason to unlock the wind bracers as well. At fully unlocked Epic tier 3 it’ll provide Epic lightning damage (60%) and a 12% chance to crit. And with that I use the boots to boost acid damage when I switch over to that rune arm and the flame cloak for my fire based rune arm. The only thing that won’t have the 12% lore crit is the force one since there is no force based challenge item, which is a pity really.

I’m now leveling a second Arti; one that I won’t bother adding any crafting too and that I will park at level 15 until I have enough mats for challenges. It’s just a massive pain in the @ss trying to do solo challenges at level 20 since the critter HP and saves grows massivly with each level. Plus some of the challenges max out at 15, making it hard to pull mats (if any) if you happen to want to make a certain item at level 20.


4 thoughts on “Not blessed but rune-armed

  1. Lacmullins152

    There are some great tutorials online that show great ways to solo a lot of challenges. However, the kobold island tends to be less solo-able. Honestly, i end up getting the mats that come out of the kobold island one by trading mats from other challenges.

  2. PrdPolack

    But somebody must be able to get that challenge done, or where else would you be able to trade for those materials. Sounds like you are being too lazy to get them for yourself.

  3. Thebeest

    PRDPolack – u dont know much about challenges apparently or did not read lacmullins post correctly.

    materials are bound to account, he can’t trade for them. what he said is, he trades other materials from other quests for the ones that come from the island quests on a 3:1 ratio with the vendor, not other people.

  4. patang01

    Yes, you can trade in game and take a shave. Personally I find level 10-15 optimal for soloing most challenges since the HP and damage doesn’t outstrip in game features like turrets and hirelings.

    That’s why I’m thinking about making a char that will do the whole mat farming when needed.

    Epic is differen’t – I don’t have a good char to solo that so I will be forced to look for a group or start my own.


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