I’m still learning the trick of not blowing through all my SP before next shrine. It’s so easy and so fun. Like web and acid rain – followed by a firewall ontop. Damage tick heaven. But it comes with a hefty price. So I re-did my enhancements and added more to acid (still the Savant PrE), cold and lowering the cost of Empower. And I did something else; I added a trinket with Spell Res (20) and Empower II (lowering the cost). My whole point have been to lower the cost of using DPS spells as much as possible while increasing the chance for crits – maximizing DPS without adding more fuel to the fire.

Plus at 12 I can now cast acid spray and melfs at a low low cost – getting some use of magic still even if I run out of SP (echo of power). I still like Frost lance; it has a nice kick too it and a great way at nuking stuff from afar. One of the reasons why I re-specced from Acid and Fire, to Acid and cold. Plus I like acid rain a little more than ice storm – although ice storm ain’t bad, just not as snappy as say web, collect, stuck and acid rain to death. Very efficient.

I don’t know when I’ll finally re-spec to Water Savant, but I’ll play around a little more with earth Savant and see what the future will bring me.


3 thoughts on “Savantery

  1. kinggartk

    If I’m not mistaken, your firwalls were burning up your webs, so that would not be a good combination.

    Savants are so strong you dont need to run maximized and empowered full time…just for big fights and bosses.

    IMHO…Savants FTW!!!!!

  2. deahamlet

    Firewall does not burn your own webs anymore.
    I use acid blast, barely bother with web as I jump around: acid rain on top, they come to me to suffer through it, back up a bit and destroy all remaining with acid blast. Clickie for 75% helps. No SP issues most of the time, but I run through dungeon to collect mobs before I do the acid rain.

  3. patang01

    I thought the firewalls would burn up those webs but it doesn’t effect yours; other firewalls will burn them up tho.


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