Wiz kinged.

I knocked two things out of the park; that fat spiderqueen nasty one whisperdoom and this morning – soloing Wiz King on elite.

With whipserdoom I joined a group of people that for most part was pretty good. We had two sorcs but where the warforged sorc kept blowing his SP on acid blasts, I kept maximizing my kills with web, acid rain and melfs. Of course web doesn’t work on spiders, but melfs does. And when we finally ran into to queen mother of doom – I fired off the impressive arsenal of acid fog, rain, frost lances, ice storms and melfs while making her take more acid damage (earth savant II PrE) and she went down before she could agro on me and snuff me out (not to say the others didn’t do their job; between all of us she was toast).

Wiz King solo (with hirelings) was a longer and messier event. Messier in the way that you have to herd dumb hirelings from killing themselves in traps or smacked to pieces by Mummies.

It started fairly good; massacred the gnolls with web, acid rain and whatever else I felt like wasting. (I felt generous since I had 2 shrines nearby). And I cleared out the first clay golems and such and so far so fine. First room; my dumb hirelings run up, riles up the first guardian and the skellie caster decides to fry almost the entire group with lightning and firewalls.

At least shiat like this happend early right? So I nabbed the soulstones, Ddoored and get them back up. And that’s the reason why the rest of the trip took longer, cost me more SP and why I had to drink lots of pots in the end.

But at least I was smart enough to hold the hirelings back (and you can’t just tell them to stay put – you have to tell them to go zombie – cause any nearby skellie will cause them to run through traps to start beating on them and make little or no damage) for rest of the run.

And I was smart enough to prep the guardians too – with both firewalls and webs I made sure that none of them could rise up and destroy me and I finished them off with a bunch of acid blasts just to get it done quick.

I did use a rogue and with greater heroism the level 14 rogue can find elite traps. The first tower also gave me the wiz king himself – and I made sure to blast him with everything I got. The whole chamber was a dustbowl of acid fog, rain, ice storms and bolts flyin’. And in the end he went down and I decided to pick up the completion just in case I ran out of time and had to drop. Sure – I can get more XP for doing traps, breaking stuff or even kill count, but I got 24k out of that one tower and that was good enough for me.

One and a half hour later I had finished the final tower, dropped down to get the treasure and no hand of tombs. Not that I thought I would. But a man can dream can’t he?

All in all being sorc is fun but somewhat expensive. A full regular group would have managed to do this quest a lot faster and for more XP – but again. First life and elite and I still managed ‘fine’.

Did I say I like web? I wonder when it’ll stop being useful with the gear and build I have.

As for my TR dreams. I’m thinking real hard on how to do it. Cleric will be least fun, although the potential for insta killing is still there. The early levels will most likely be dreadful but the good thing is that groups are looking for healers all the time. I figured that one +1 Conjuration will be helpful in taking sorc after that. Then Wiz, back to cleric, sorc and wiz until the last round of FS, cleric, sorc and Wiz.

We’ll see if Druid is any good when it’s released and if their PrE fits in the whole super sorc dream I have.

Will I consider completionist?

I don’t know. The idea of adding +2 to every stat sounds intruiging. But it won’t really add a whole lot to the bottom line. And I don’t feel like grinding fighter/skirmisher levels for the sake of it. Although +30 HP for 3 barb TRs sounds useful.


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