Water Savant is not my thing

So I had this brilliant idea to respec as a water savant because when it came down to it the critters for most part (the caster types) inside the extraplanar quests didn’t take acid damage. But they take cold damage. On the other hand I screwed myself over since there are a lot of other things such as skellies that don’t take cold damage. So in other words as I joined epic disruptor I blew through my SP trying to hurt the disrupting skellie (and killing archers with ice storms for lack of potent spells) and couldn’t do anything in the end since again; skellies don’t take cold damage.

I regret respeccing. It was better when I had acid with cold as backup, now I feel like I have few options simply so I can kill some critters that take cold damage. Nothing illustrates that better than being unable to really damage the demon queen as she spawns in the extraplanar challenge quests while she took gobs of acid damage before.

And since I pulled the acid ToD belt after running a new invasion I will probably respec as acid again.

But I did accomplish some things; my web works very well, even in Epic. My dancing ball takes and dancing critters works. I created a trinket with greater evocation (so now fewer critters get a reflex save) and with fire absorb 33%. I also pulled the fire warden after trying several times on hard, went in on normal by mistake and got it. Silly. But I did one funny thing; there’s a point where you get to a bunch of Drows behind a wall with fire reavers spawning. So I kept charming them and when there was about 8 of them charmed I finally managed to get the wall down without being disrupted and the fireworks of that many fire reavers flinging stuff was pretty darn impressive.

Between my flame cloak (challenge) item with 15% fire absorb, the flame warden with it’s 10 now (Epic is 20) and the fire absorb on my trinket I’m well protected against fire damage.

Flame warden also adds greater evocation when upgraded with 7 charisma and +1 Exceptional Charisma. That would take my Char from 38 at the moment with ship buff to 40. And if I pull the ToD ring it’ll be +2 more exceptional char for a total of 42, 40 unbuffed. Not bad.

The only thing I need now is to epify the Frozen Tunic and the boots for that additional Epic elemental damage and Superior (read 12%) crit chance.

Which brings me to what kind of GS I need. I’m looking at 2 con op and eventually – and hopefully – the Torc. Such as the SP gloves and maybe some form of healing amp con op scepter.

I’m using a greater Necromancy item together with a greater enchant item (hands) and will change that to the flame warden when I make it Epic.
However there are the Alchemical items as well. Most of the effect of Alchemical items are covered by the challenge tunic and boots. The reasoning for getting one is less on my Sorc then say on my FvS since a laceration/fire scepter plus something with healing would make perfect sense.

In other words; other then tier 3 Alchemical effects my Sorc have a lot of good stuff already and don’t really need to worry about that grind.

But I wouldn’t mind 2 con op and the torc for that vital SP infusion when I get low.


4 thoughts on “Water Savant is not my thing

  1. kinggartk

    When I respecced from Flame Savant to Water Savant at lvl 16, I initially hated it. It took some getting used to, but now I love it.

    True, I do have a problem with Skellies and the Prey on the Hunter quest, but otherwise she is solid. I use acid as my alternate element and it works nice as a back up.

    I’m wondering however, if a respec back to Flame might be in order with the expansion pack content.

  2. patang01

    I haven’t tried flame savant since so much late game is resistent to flame, but acid works a lot better than cold. There’s only a few things in the system that is completely resistent to acid as suppose to still take acid damage.

    It’s moreso when you talk about cold.

    I’m very torn here. It’s nice to spam frost lances and such when fighting fire reavers in the new quests but in everything else I so wish I had my earth savant back.

    I guess it’s just one of those things you have to get used too or go back to the element that worked with your play style.

  3. TonyN

    I have taken all 4 types of Savant and personally I would always go back to Air with a Frost backup. It is not perfect but certainly is more effective than fire or Ice at the end game. Sad but I am an Air lover.


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