Lets pretend that enemy critters are ‘smart’ and score them

We all know that to add the stigma of ‘A.I.’ to a DDO critters is like calling a thermostat ‘smart’ because it turns off the AC when it hits whatever degree you set it at.

The least smart of them are the ‘hitters’. Like dogs of all kinds, cooks, soldiers etc. Anything that have a argue to mindlessly run through whatever persistent AOE you might have up without taking a step back and so – ‘HEY- STAY OUT OF THIS BLADE BARRIERS COMRADES BECAUSE THEY FRACKEN HURT!’.

It’s more a ‘I WILL get you for THAT, and THAT – stay still Uuuuuuuuuuurgh’.

Then you have shooters. They will sometimes be ‘smart’ enough to move while they continue to shoot your through objects and impossible angles even you can’t hit through from. A step up from that are some hitter critter that can either teleport or shoot. Like Orthons and Devils. I mean they’re still not that smart, but they do offer a little more of an challenge with the ADHD.

Then you have pouncers. The ones that keep on knocking you down. Like Air Ellies and wolves and all kind of idiotic critters who’s main attack is to slap you around. They still kite through life killing stuff like AOEs but many times they manage to knock you on your @ss before you get the chance to set one up.

Then there are casters. They’re not annoying or ‘smart’ because they don’t run up to you and punch you; or that they can cast all manner of annoying spells. They simply spam all kind of spells all day long without being disrupted by any incoming fire. Like CCs 3 times in a row, 5 comet fall in a row. Just one expensive spell after another until dead.

I say until dead; their ability to cast spells comes from a bottomless well of SP.

Worst are red named. See red named defies all the stuff that even limit players. Like the cripple spam from enemy archers? Where you can’t do anything but to run at trickle speed for 30-60 seconds. Like the constant waves of fatigue/whatever so you have to drink more potions of lesser restoration than haste-oholic.

Red names just don’t care about stuff that would limit a normal high end player. They have the same annoying abilities as all other critters plus the annoying ability to ignore any meaningful tactic other than maxium DPS.

Thank Gosh they’re not as unpredictable as hirelings. I mean at least you can depent on the reaction from a enemy critter and ‘work’ around the quirks. Like jumping Kobold Shamen that end up where no melee can reach them (forcing someone to actually shoot or throw something at it).

Hirelings can just take off for some reason – pulling agro from a distant foe that no one else can see. Or decide to become completely catatonic and do nuthing.


One thought on “Lets pretend that enemy critters are ‘smart’ and score them

  1. ComicRelief

    Three cheers for hireling AI! *crikets chirping in the background* *wind blowing* *watching a tumbleweed roll by in complete silence*

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.


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