Screaming at the screen doesn’t help.

You gotta love hirelings (sarcasm: not).

I was playing Epic level 21 extraplanar and the Demon queen pops. She instantly demolish 2 Kobolds. Because no matter how much I’m throwing at her, the Kobolds just stands there and she can’t find a more important target than Kobolds. So I start kiting her. I really do not like my re-spec to Water Savant. I’m doing meager damage and I’m blowing through gobs of SP. The my hireling decided to stop the crucial (lets heal the one guy that is doing any damage) and heal a Kobold instead running the opposite direction. Boom. She’s on me all four weapon slicing and my 300 HP are gone in a flash. Meanwhile I click the healer to ressurect my guy (like 5-6 times) and it instead decided it need to hit and attack the demon queen together with that Panther hireling.

Let’s just say it dies, the panther die and I jump down to the shrine and res and click for them to do the same (which takes about 4-5 more clicks. Meanwhile I try to regain more agro to finish off the queen.
It’s bad enough that I have to juggle a bad elemental choice, but having to wet nurse a bunch of hirelings with ADHD and a mental capacity of a Atari makes for bad juju.


3 thoughts on “Screaming at the screen doesn’t help.

  1. LrdSlvrhnd

    Yeah, I’ve avoided ALL challenges, but especially the Extraplanar Palace, entirely since bringing the marilith back. The lich was easy enough to deal with, even my gimpy hagglebard could take him down without too much of a problem, and then I could get back to business. But with the marilith, my only solution has ever been to get there early, like as she spawns, get her aggro, and then run in circles around the place ’til time runs out and I zone out. Even my monk can’t stand there and take her abuse.

    Actually, now that my dorfen ranger has a nice bow (the L16 Bow of Earth with Screaming attached – gonna toss PG on as soon as he hits 20), he might be able to take her down fairly nicely… hmmm…

    But yeah, they need to tweak their aggro settings. When you’ve stood there hitting something down to a sliver of life left and it’s STILL concentrating on defenseless kobolds just cowering there and not doing any damage whatsoever, rather than turning around and attacking YOU… that’s just dumber-than-usual AI right there. Although at least with some stuff, that makes for some good backstabbingness *g*

  2. ComicRelief

    You know, hirelings *might* work a little better if they would implement a “1-slot queue” in their command structure so that whatever you’re trying to tell them to do (raise, come, heal, sit, stay, roll-over…) would be queued-up and would be the very next thing they do after they are done doing whatever it is they think is more important at that very moment then listening to you.

    …maybe not.


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