8 hours is such a lifetime from now

In 8 hours I will be able to re-spec into a earth Savant again. Thank Gosh.

It’s kind of like watching the raid counter count down on the only level appropriate toon you have. Until then I’ll stay clear of some quests because it’s simply not that fun. I’d love to be able to run those Epic island ones but being cold specced means being not very useful.

Or I could use my monk again. He’s pretty darn good regardless. I now I can. But you can’t make me (from a quest, come on – work with me here).

I did play my Arti again earlier doing a quick extraplanar. Now that was a disaster (material wise, not deathwise). Have you ever played a toon for a month or so and nothing else and then realized that you forgot everything you knew about a different toon? Like my Arti. I used to feel so ‘in tune’ with that guy that I was throwing spells, firing off rune arms, switching rune arm like everything was a part of me and the keyboard. Now I kept fumbling for where I had the rune arms so I would switch over to the right one once the Demon Queen dropped.

And dropped she did; but unlike the fiasco with my sorc and those meager hurtin’ cold spells – the mindsunder force damage combined by with a GS repeater holy damage with Cold Iron DR breaking gave the snake lady a big surprise. Plus I had the fortitude to tell the dumb healer to pay a little bit more attention as the ADHD had it agro on something else completely.

And why is it that so many things drop at the same time?

Like the Demon queen often drop with the tiger dude. Not that the tiger dude is anything to be worried about – but he kind of side tracks my hireling healer. In this case that witch dropped at the same time as the Demon Queen. And she’s not really that hard to kill either. Except that while I was telling my hireling to pay attention I was worried that it would end up killing the Kobolds while I kited the Demon Queen around.

Safe to say I did the right thing and agroed her.

I don’t know what it is about my Arti – but its agro meter always spikes 1000. It doesn’t matter what group I’m in; if we have Mr Conan the Boobarian whacking Mr Pit Fiend with a GS axe and dishing out 5k reliable damage per swing – once I shoot and fire off the rune arm it’s like the enemy critter draws to me like a hell kitten to catnip.

I’ve had that comment before; I don’t think I outdamage people. I’ve even had on gear that is suppose to reduce agro. But once I start shootin’ they’ll come runnin’.

Which is kind of a ‘son of a…’ moment right there if the aim is for a tank to keep things nice and agroed.

Maybe the Devs simply added a hidden formula that says patang01+Arti=get ‘im.


3 thoughts on “8 hours is such a lifetime from now

  1. kinggartk

    ….Uhhh, unless your just exagerating, who’s dishing out 5K reliable damage per swing? If someone is doing that, then I’m a bigger noob than I thought. I thought I was doing pretty good with 125~ non crits and 350~ crits (Occasionally hitting 400) with my Lit2 (& Arti Steel weapons buff)against Harry.

  2. deahamlet

    Kinggartk: he’s exaggerating to make a point

    Hehehe. Rune arm is like a spell. My lucid dreams can burst out 1000+ dmg. Some of them have splash type damage… it’s like an AOE from an arcane.

    It won’t mean squat against bosses in endgame, but if you put it together with a great xbow + fusillade and the tank is an intimitank rather than hate generating/high dmg tank (or monk) – you will pull aggro if not careful.

    BB always gets the aggro of everything and anything in sight.

  3. LrdSlvrhnd

    I was on my squishy rogue mechanic, and one of my guildies was running some of us through Chrono for gear. We’re all L8 or so, the guildie switches to his capped pale master. The first fight, I’m taking out tieflings no problem… and very carefully avoiding that devil. I’m switching targets just to make sure I don’t accidently shoot the devil.

    …And I still got his aggro.

    Get out into the Marketplace, and I’m not even shooting tieflings unless there’s no devil anywhere around. And the PM is running around killing stuff left and right, so I figure it’s safe to take out that tiefling over there with nobody around…

    Suddenly, I have two devils in my face, and I’m running screaming.

    Later, we’re doing Bloody Crypt, and the monk and the bard and the hirelings are wading into battle while the arti and I are standing at the top of the stairs… I fire one shot, and all of a sudden everything starts streaming my way.

    I think they just don’t like repeating crossbows.


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