Weekend thoughts

So I pull the vibrant purple Ioun stone and bake it for my FvS – so now he have all the twink gear he need to TR again (and only 3 more epic tokens needed).

I also ended up with the shard of the bracers of the claw (last piece needed) for my Ranger once he hits 20 again and the two first tiers done on my Sorcs con op gloves. I went with tier one immunities and tier 2 SP and I’m one supreme shard short of a tier 3 SP and ultimately con op.

Now all I need is the Torc and a con op scepter and he’ll be Mr. SP dynamo supreme. I will most likely make a similar scepter as my FvS have; one with tier 1 being whatever and tier 2 and 3 Heal Amp. That way he can heal using cure serious potions.

I have now tried all kind of classes doing certain hard to solo Challenge quests. The Island ones are the worst. Most of all the Shavarath one. 10 minutes of running like crazy trying to cover extractor being assaulted by critters the turrets can’t do much about (at level 15 anyways).

The regular Island quest can be done with any class, but it cuts off at level 15 so there’s no point doing it after that. The undead version is a little bit better because it’s 15 minutes but it can be disrupted with a random amount of giants. I got 3 one time. BUT if you have a caster the best spell in your book is command undead. It works good there. And a excellent way of keeping their Skeletons working for you.

The Shavarath is just pure pain. Not enough time to actually fire up a large and it’s just not worth the pain on level 20 without a full group of self sufficient players. Most of the time I pull sub 100 to 140 mats (when I make it) and if you have to run something as boring as this challenge for 4-6 times you’ll end up wasting a good 60 minutes hating every minute of it. Worst of all; the teleportals are worthless. The let you get out in a random direction and sometimes even the same portal. It’s idiotic.

It’s clear to me that this quest need badly a redesign for solo play; since the challenge quests were sold as a solo thing you do while you wait for a full group or something. And the Island ones are the least solo able at level 20 and above. Just because the defensive turrets are worthless past a point at keeping critters away.

And ALL of the quests need a shrine somewhere. Like in the middle. Especially the extraplanar ones. I mean I ran the first and longest one of them and at half time I had run dry and that was 7 minutes of waiting for the clock to run out and all I had was acid based stuff. So when the caster came that are acid immune I had to rely on hirelings like the panther and a healer to deal with it. Of course – maybe it tells me I need to run it on my healer instead.

It’s simply unreal that something with a 20 minute clock would be designed with no shrines.


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