Another grindy day

I find myself running tons of challenges and I wish there were competent groups running them.

Unlike the ‘I need X mats of x type’ LFMs with a assortment of people running around like ants on fire.

Those usually ends up with people grabbing all kinds of torches and teleporters without a clue at what to do next.

Or the ‘be self sufficient’ LFMs where a majority of players ends up needing rescue. So I solo, wishing for a good group.

I’m doing fairly well – it’s clear that the best ones to run are the ones where you’re a well built class no more then level 15.

That’s when you’re reaching the upper limit for how efficient the turrets are in the island quests and how annoying critters get in all other quests.


2 thoughts on “Another grindy day

  1. deahamlet

    Picture Portals if you know the best routes is easy even on epic to solo.

    I’ve run Collosal Crystals with a very competent player… and it was tough on level 20 and epic. The red names that go in the middle… GACK, take forever to take down sometimes. I can’t envision with a hireling guarding the base, lolz.


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