Completely Ranged

So I finally caped my Ranger doing challenge quests. I had 80k more to go and I was getting tapped out running anything I could reasonable solo. And doing one thing after another I finally hit level 20 late Sunday night and could start putting on all my epic gear including the new challenge Elemental Khopeshes and Elemental Longbow I made.

I first ended up doing a quick run into the Vale; it’s a good place to check out potential new toys since you have a wide range of creatures there, with everything from vermin, to elementals to Shavarath critters.

The Khopeshes are actually darn good. And the bow is very efficient as well. I then noticed that there was a LFM up for LoD so I jumped on that for a quick Token and to try out the new gear. I can tell you it was a smashing success. The Khopeshes kept paralyzing critters and the bow certainly took chunks out of stuff including greater stone prison some orange named.

The weapons are very specific tho and not ultimate in DPS, but they work as well as intended and I will look forward upgrading them completely whenever I have a chance.

I am slowly getting situated so I can run ToD with my sorc and Ranger. I don’t really need it for Ranger, but it’s one way to pull +4 Tomes. I definately want it for my sorc tho since I’d love the earth savant ring and to add +2 Charisma to it. My hope is to get a epic flamewarden going as well so I can add a few more points to my Charisma and ultimately the DC – just to see if that sharpens some of the rough edges in higher end quests.

My hope is to make a web that can be very efficient in all normal/epic upper end quests and to land most Evocation based spells without a reflex save.


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