Thinking about it

I’ve thought long and hard and spent an hour or so checking through the different Epic items (or high end gear) for how I would finally like to gear slot my Sorc.

So far I have tier 3 Epic Rock Boots ( and Tier 3 Epic Frozen Tunic (

I also use bracers of greater conjuration, a trinket with greater evocation and Fire absorb 33%, tier 2 almost con op SP GS gloves, main hand greater Enchantment item and off hand greater Necromancy item.

Ideally I’d like to consolidate some of the gears into fewer slots and maybe get in some other items.

Which is why I ended up checking through different high end stuff in the first place.

First off I use the Magewright spectacles which adds Spell Pen, Intelligence and 20 HP. I could compensate the loss of HP (the truly critical item) with say toughness as far as a augment slot. So while it’s nice it’s not critical over all. Spell pen is nice, but there are other items that adds that as well.

I also use a belt of heavy fort with neutralize poison. I’m waiting to pull the Thamor’s Belt – Belt: Superior Erosion VIII (CL:1, 3/3), Wizardry VI – it would be nice if it was Archmagic instead – I get that currently from my pirate hat – but it would be even nicer part of the same belt.

That together with the ring would increase the level of acid based spell with two and I could add +2 Exceptional Charisma to the ring.

But I did find ways to truly get my gear set sharper and less of swapping items for specific effects.

Like Epic Spectral Sight (

It provides Greater Enchantment and Greater Necromancy – allowing me to remove my main and off hand items into one single item.
It is a much better use of the goggle slot then what I currently equip.

On top of that the Epic Flameward (main/off hand). (

Fire absorb 20%, 8 Charisma (7 +1 exception), +5 UMD, Greater Fire resist and a violet augment slot (so in other words – toughness). That would together with the ToD ring increase my Charisma by 4 points or 2 DC. Making things harder to resist and ultimately my webs better, disco ball and DPS spells harder to save against.

But I still have the opportunity to make my web even sharper to resist while maintaining the DPS quality of my cold spells.
First off Epic diabolist Robe (’s_Robe)

Most importantly Epic Conjuration – so instead of +2 for the greater, this one provides +3.
Finally a Tier 3 Alchemical scepter or why not a shield.

I’ll make it Laceration and Glaciation based with 50% damage increase and with 12% lore in both.

And as tier 3 I will take Efficient Metamagic Empower II, Greater Conjuration Focus, Greater Spell Penetration IX.

That will clash with Epic Diabolist robe (Epic Conjuration) but the Greater Spell penetration is where it is at.

That would allow be to still consider the trinket, helmet and bracers slot for something else.

Especially nice considering that we don’t know what underdark will bring; something out of there might be the perfect fit for those slots.

Or if I don’t care to waste my time trying to get the Epic Diabolist Robe and keep the Frozen Tunic – I could make a laceration of X element with Efficient Metamagic Extend II, Greater Transmutation Focus, Greater Elemental Spell Power, except that I am already adding tier 3 greater elemental spell power to my GS gloves and I don’t use extend. So the only benefit would be greater transmutation – something I can always add to a pair of bracers in the case I lack the proper item.

Now if I were to make a Wiz I would definitely consider sticking with Epic Chronosphere items – such as getting the entire 5 piece set and together with the epic Diabolist Docent – but since DPS is my primary concern – with a near irresistible web and less chance to actually avoid damage from spells – it’s important to gear towards that.

This would still keep what I do now completely intact and at the same time leave more room for improvement and finally add more Charisma and eventually better spell penetration.
Which is not bad for a first life Sorc at all.


2 thoughts on “Thinking about it

  1. Kotshki

    Pretty usefull info there. I have a 20th lvl air savant, the only items I would add are epic bracers of wind and epic ring of the master artificer.

  2. Kotshki

    Pretty usefull info there. I have a 20th lvl air savant, the only items I would add are epic bracers of wind and epic ring of the master artificer.


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