Rune Armery and thinking back

I love my rune arm and especially Tovens – but there’s no arguing that despite it’s capabilities, the greatest liability is the reflex save.

And what is there not to love?

Every single rune arm have it’s speciality. The cold ones shoot several shots in a straight line generally at one target (where you aim) unless you happen to get two with those shots. Most fire based ones fire one exploding shot. So as long as critters are fairly bunched up it’s possible to hit many of them. But it’s one single explosion and while it can target many it also means less overall damage compared to say several shoots.

The acid based ones are all ‘heat seeking’. Meaning you target them and as long as you fire in the targets general direction the shots will follow and hopefully hit. But the shots are fired wide for most part so you’re most likely going to hit walls and pillars in small spaces.

And all force based ones function the same as the acid based ones, except the base damage for each charge level is lower – I guess the general idea is that acid can be resisted and therefore do higher damage per shot while force that can’t (for most part) is balanced by doing less.

Tovens hammer is a little bit of everything. It shoots in the direction you aim – it doesn’t look on and it fires up to five lightning spheres. The cool thing with the shots is that everything in the close area of the shot will get hit. It’s a much closer area effect than exploding fire shots, but in most situations you can end up hitting many targets with up to 5 pretty damaging shots.

Except for the fact that each can be saved against, partly or wholly. Like the shrould Kobold dude always saves completely (rarely do I see any registered damage) and for most part Harry will at least save against half the damage.

It’s still pretty good – most hits are for 150+ and crits can range all the way up to 1k in lightning damage – which is better than the average of 90-400 I get with force bolts.

But the combined effect of being able to hit several targets with potentially very damaging shots is where its at. I just wish there was a way for me to boost the DC of those shots. I don’t know if ‘higher’ intelligence will do it. It would be nice however if it was as simple as have a focus of some kind together with high intelligence so I could make my rune arm a really crippling weapon.

The other day I wrote about possible gear that I’d like to put together for my sorc. I stated that I was seriously looking at the Epic Diabolist robe and a alchemical glaciation and laceration scepter. I think I’ll go with fire and laceration instead. I right now use a level 16 challenge flame cloak. My thought was that if I ever TR into a FvS/cleric the it would be better to have a fire/laceration than glaciation. At least if I keep it at tier 2 so I can use it for level 18-20.

The Frozen Tunic will still be the most useful cold based spell booster for me and adding +1 to Conjuration (Epic over Greater) isn’t going to game breaking in the end.

That way I can add tier 3 to the alchemical scepter and get greater conjuration without feeling like I ‘wasted’ something.

Now I have thought about all of the tier 3 effects

Efficient Metamagic Enlarge II, Greater Enchantment Focus, Spell Focus Mastery +1

Spell focus mastery is nice but the reality is that I have almost all relevant focuses covered and the spirit sight covers Greater Enchanment.

Efficient Metamagic Empower II, Greater Conjuration Focus, Greater Spell Penetration IX

This makes the most sense to me. Spell pen is always important when you try to land something nasty and given my slot situation it fits the focus need.

Efficient Metamagic Extend II, Greater Transmutation Focus, Greater Elemental Spell Power

I don’t use extend and while transumation is cool it only matters in the case of some spells that I rarely use. Like flesh to stone. And as mentioned – I’m already adding greater elemental spell power to a pair of con op gloves.

Efficient Metamagic Maximize II, Greater Evocation Focus, Arcane Augmentation IX

This one is interesting. Epic flameward comes with Greater Evocation but arcane augmentation seems useful. I really need to find out exactly what spells would be effected here – would that cover web? I know that the earth savant ToD ring boosts acid based spells. It would be interesting to know just what other spells that would be covered under this one so I can get as much as possible out of anything that can boost other things than pure DPS magic.


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