+20 XP goodie weekend.

The ironic part is that I haven’t added or bought bolts to my second Arti once the new system was introduced to conjure bolts. Makes sense too, especially as long as your x-bow have less of a quality than you’re bolts. Which I’d say is most of the time.

The end result is that I can now fire +4 Conjured bolts on my Holy Burst of Pure good x-bow.

Not shabby. What also helps are good rune arms. Such as the store bought ones. I kid you not. You can start using charge level 4 acid, cold and force ones at level 11 (masteful will bring it down from 13 to 11). I say acid cold and force; sure there’s also fire and electric, but those are both close distant flame/electric thrower type stuff and I like to shoot from as far away as possible (call it trying to stay alive).

Force and acid share the same ‘lock on’ type fire in the general direction and see the bolts ‘home’ in on the target. Cold bolts are straight forward where you aim.

I use the old Khyber rune arm as well for some explosive damage – perfect for blowing up bundled up barrels.

At 15 however you can start using Glorious Obscenity – normally a level 17 acid based rune arm but you can lower that using masterful.
Those 5 charge levels will have anyone smart enough to spend points on the acid line hit 300-500 crits around level 15.

That’s not bad.

And it helps when you’re trying to stay competitative with other players DPS for quick resolutions to quests.

This weekend I truly took advantage of the 20 XP – started at level 8 and ended with 15. I wasn’t even trying to level as quickly as possible but with XP pots, greater tome of learning and nothing but Elite streaks in my back one 10k after another 15k rolled in.

And you can’t really argue against 49k worth doing Von 3 on Elite – and that is after losing 10% due to death.


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