I really should

I really should flag my caster for ADQ – so I can start the long frustrating journey towards a Torc. But I don’t wanna, you can’t make me (still one of my favorite lines evar next to all the Kobold chatter in challenges).

One reason is the boring mechanic of re-flagging by doing the one part in one place and then doing the main raid.

It bores my skull out – even if it’s not that hard on casual. But it’s the whole run there – doing it and then recall and find someone running the raid.

At least with shroud I don’t have to re-flag some Vale quest just to run the raid.

That’s also one of the reasons why I’m less than thrilled about running Master Artificier and LoB – first you run the wilderness, THEN you run a wilderness inside the ‘raid’ and before you run a shorter raid quest. It’s about impossible to get this done in less then an hour. Shroud generally forms quickly and take about 30 mins or so to run from start to end.

ToD is similar in that way; there’s a possibility to ‘teleport’ directly from the floating rock to the entrance of the raid. Which would be great if they added something similar in both LoB, MA and ADQ. That would remove some of the frustrating parts of those raids.


3 thoughts on “I really should

  1. malinza2

    Lately I found a lot of success simply doing shortmans on hard for completion (in the last 10 runs or so a few named dropped including 2 Torcs for a fighter and for a blue bar who had it already and both went for roll). I would say is simply worthy just because there is no replacement whatsoever in the game for it. I would advise anyone to work on it.

  2. deahamlet

    You do the pre-raid as a group. Also casters have been shortmanning on Orien over the last few weeks… loads of DQ elites with 6 people group. You don’t solo the pre-raid, only people who plan on completing DQ solo OR extremely impatient silly people (stay away from them).

    1. patang01


      I can solo the pre-raid for ADQ myself – that’s not the issue. But having to run the wilderness and do the pre-raid is just boring.

      And running the wilderness and doing another wilderness run to do AM or LoB is boring as well.


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