The grindstone

Running challenge quests for Orthon thingies and scrolls is boring.

Both are 10 minute challenge runs and neither allows you to really solo up a good amount of shards. There’s just not enough material. You get about 150 for short cuts (island shavarath critter one) and 200ish scrolls (extraplanar where you only have 5 guys at your disposal).

And considering that The ring of Master (level 16) require 1800 mats to get and upgrade twice, it is a steep hill to climb.

To think that turbine ‘increased’ the ratio in the past patch makes me wonder how much it really sucked before.

I have therefore decided to upgrade my guy to 16. Partly because I have a couple of banishing x-bows I can use but also for the silver slinger – not bad at all against undead and shavarath critters alike.

I’m also seriously considering making a bunch low grade fire or shock bolts. Fire bolts have a pretty low cost attached to then and it’s just a question of doing some normal harbor runs (such as Irestone) and then deconstruct the +1 quality. Each time you get 100 bolts. You’ll fly through those like crazy, but if you have the silver slinger holy is already covered – add fire bolts to it against undead and shock bolts against the shavarath forces and then add deadly weapons for even more DPS and you have a quick way of dispatching critters.

Point being – you don’t have that much time doing short cuts and the quicker you kill off critters the more shards you can collect.


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