The reason why I commented that we were most likely going to fail ending the second quest in the new chain on hard; wasn’t the fact that I doubted my abilites. My WF Arti was about the only person standing upright at times and delivered dramatic amount of specific DPS. Against fire critters I provided cold damage in abundance and everything else got their fair share of additional pain.

That’s not me bragging; it’s me realizing that this all came down to our wiz ability to dance critters and our healers ability to heal the other two DPS in our group that died with intense frequency. Sometimes entirely stupidly.

It was after half the group whiped again that I expressed my doubts. Not that I recalled and moved on like one of the group members – but I just wanted to get it out there.

But things did improve somewhat after that. I guess the people dying all the time decided to try something else – like staying together and those disco balls turned out to be our saving grace.

The end fight is always intense and I do wish my toon didn’t take so much agro – but since it could self heal I took somewhat of a load off our healer and maybe spared him/her a gray hair or two.

The end result was a finish and through the 2 first quests in the chain I banked the new helmet, the envenomed blade and the silver slinger. Not bad. I’m guessing the darkstorm helmet should go to a future wiz and maybe the blade itself for the rogue I never made.

Either way; expressing doubt is not the same as giving up – only that I was less then sure about the outcome.

However – I tell you this – two more quests later I hit 16 and I can now use the banishing x-bows and silver slinger. I have less use of the silver slinger but I am going to try it out against undead to see just how useful the blunt damage is on it.

I do wish I had a GS triple holy about right now, but that is a goal for another day.

I’ve decided that I’m going for a con op SP item, possibly HP and 2 GS repeaters (triple holy and a Li II repeater) and that will get me where I want to go. I also wish there was one of those quivers that spawned bolts – it would be nice to be able to use a steady stream of elemental bolts just by getting hit.


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