Weekend of low expectations

I really didn’t accomplish much this weekend. I played some on my arti, a little on others and did some deconstructing. The truth is that I really want to do challenges to get all that gear but solo challenges can be a very frustrating process because hirelings are just dumber than normal.
I did in the flesh over the weekend and died twice. I died twice because despite two hireling healers, keeping my arti alive is just not possible.
It’s kind of like doing a quest and you throw out a fire turret and the healer keep blowing SP healing the turret. It’s very nice of it to do so – except my pet and myself are both dying.

At least Mr Turret got to spew fire for a full minute before going away and its blue bar is at 50% and we have about halfway to go before we profit.

So I decided to do the progenitor Crystal challenge and completely choked on the scorpions. I hate those little buggers. Probably because unlike with my sorc or FvS with their web or BB my arti has it’s flame turret and that’s it. They’ll gank that think quicker than you can say ‘FIRE IN THE HO…drat!’ and now you’re trying to desperate shoot 5-6 scorpions with rune arm and repeater while they play guppies by going ‘underwater’ on you making half your shots and all your rune arm shots go to waste.

So I recalled (I hate to waste resources and a instance and get nothing), found a blade barrier scroll and came back mad. Well not until I hit 17 that is and lowered the mindsunder rune arm 2 levels so I could equip it.

The nice thing about the mindsunder rune arm is that except being a force based one, it also comes with Superior Potency VI and arcane lore (6% to crit – that means you Mr blade barrier).

So I went back into the challenge and rocked. Instead of 100 max damage or so per kited hit – now you’re talking close to 150-300 (and more) and a lot more fun.

My hope is that this combo of BB and possible displacement proc (trace of madness docent) will add enough survivability to let me take those scorpion hits like a champ.


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