Stupid doggie

Sometimes I wish Obama ate my pet too. (I’m kidding – frankly I think that flap is just lame, but some stuff just get stuck in partisan brains and they’ll burn it into the ground).

So my doggie should have a ‘reflex save’. I meaning you can spend point on increasing its dex and adding ‘danger avoidance’. But it still hits traps like its a fly on dog poo (I’ll stop, no honestly).

I like the derpy nature of my pet. Like when it runs after something only a computer can see, then decide to – nah that’s to far and does so back and forth until it explodes in a trap.

Worse however is it’s need to climb ladders. I mean that’s still broken where if a pet climbs ladders it will start levitating. It can move, but it can’t do anything else. I will sure ‘float’ over to any threat and just stand there and die, but nothing else.

I wonder when they’re going to fix that because there are some quests with lots of ladders and a reason for a stupid pet climb them.

And what’s better. So you can dismiss it and summon it again, but then all the buffs are gone so you have to waste SP doing that just to 2 minutes ladder have the bugger try to climb another ladder.


4 thoughts on “Stupid doggie

  1. deahamlet

    Make him hold ground. Make do without him until very far from ladder. Call him to you and he will teleport.


  2. patang01

    I’ve done that – it gets very boring when you have to hold them so often and despite that it sometimes agroes on distant objects. So you also have to tell it to go Buddha on you, which means it’s another function to dither with.

    Now I use the hold and teleport feature myself. But the thing with doggies is that the ladder makes them levitate. I so wish they fixed that so I had one less thing to micro manage.


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