Captain Cap

So I capped my second arty and still no GS repeater and I haven’t even run a shroud yet. But what I have works until I make my triple GS repeater and Li II one. But I have made progress on a lot of the other stuff that I like and now it’s the slow climb to get everything else done.

I did hit one snag; first off I use a trinket with Major force lore (Kinetic) and Superior Force damage V. That’ll cover all the additional damage needed for the mindsunder rune arm; but there are better trinkets out there and I kind of would like the Looking glass from the pirate event. It adds 20 spot and search, +2 exceptional int and true vision.

So I remembered that you can craft onto run arms and since I pulled another mindsunder run arm I crafted greater Kinetic lore onto it. It’s still 9% crit chance but the crit damage goes from .50 to .25, so less.

I can live with it given that I’ve found a solution and this allows me to sport much better spot and search than before plus not having to switch between items.

I still want to find a better ring than the stalker ring and there are other slots that I would like to explore adding other things to as well.

But for now minus a good repeater – this is getting a little bit more solid.


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