(Toven’s) Hammer time

The cove is back, the original and first fling with mining kobolds and screams of panic. The first look of a ‘wilderness’ public pirate spawn area with all different types of pirates dependent on level of character (who ran by).

Last year I found that the upper end rune arm ruled supreme – and today I checked if Toven’s hammers electric spheres are useful.

The short of it; yes they are. More so for closer up targets where you agro more than one pirate – not always at a distance. And the downside is of course the reflex save – something that’ll happen quite often. The mindsunder runearm is as good as the acid one – homing bolts and all. It does slightly less damage than the acid one so if you have the acid; use it. With the challenge boots you can get 21% crits and that’s well worth it. But that also includes Toven’s Hammer, accept the fact that they will most likely save against the damage.

The other upside of Toven’s is the lightning proc. It’ll fry more than a few pirates throughout the event.

My current mission is to upgrade more items. Just make sure all of them are max upgraded and to add one or two more upper end items for my expanding list of chars. Plus maybe one or two BTA pirate hats – if I find something that makes sense that is.

We’ll see – and we’ll see how often i’ll be running it including soloing the CC part.


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