Closing in on mother of all Motu

So I’ve played the Beta and enjoyed it. Hoping for a new build to drop today or tomorrow so I can see if I can’t get my FvS a little bit further on the way or my fighter to kick more butt. Because butt kicking is definately part of the fighter Epic Destiny (ED) – just called something else. And with one epic feat down when it hit 21 and another to pick if it ever hit 24 before Motu drops, it’ll be cool.

But I’ve also played live – it’s hard to miss the 25% XP opportunity and 40% mat weekend. I managed to hit a couple of levels with my TRing sorc already and things are coming together just fine.

Like being able to now make (craft) +6 stat items. In this case a Con +6 ring – level 9 with Masterful and a level 9 Char +6 helmet. Both giving my Sorc a okay number of HP and a impressive 1912 SP. It helps to have the archmagic ioun stone and that Char helmet. And I spent some tough time grinding out the level 12 challenge boots, cloak and tunic and lowered the level by fully upgrade them to level 10. It’s nice to be at level 12 with some major fireworks on your side and almost the entire acid enhancement line with crit chance and crit damage. So that means (almost) 18% chance to crit. Soon at least.

And with 12 comes the second Pre – so now I have two spells I can boost with metas that will do a impressive about of damage and the ability to make critters take more acid damage.

Now the reason why I decided to TR my sorc is of course to have him ready to level when Motu drops. My idea is to have elite streak going into Epic levels and be ready to group with a bunch of people come launch. I will hopefully have all my gear setup at that time but with only 30 days left I don’t know. It’s really not an issue anyways. But it helps.

You’ll definately like the changes that’s coming (and some might not like it – you know – all new things have people love/hate them) but you will definately be excited how your level 20 can go to the next level of awesome with EDs and regular 21-25 levels and 2 new epic feats.


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