I decided to TR my fighter; I’ve had some fun playing him in the Beta so I figured that at least a once TR’d fighter would have a little bit more ‘juice’. Not that I can add more strength but TR once – run with my wife and then hit MotU together.

For that reason I created a Arti for her – to get her off the always facing the wrong way fighter. While fighter is indeed ‘easy’ (maximum strength, no brain and all swing) there are some ‘finesses’ to a fighter. Such as fighter attack speed and cleave and my wife was never very good at cleaving. I mean it would have been ideal for her considering her nature of running in a circle chopping, but she was far too busy hitting air than to also hit cleave. I ended up telling her to cleave now and then which was often fruitless since she even missed those.

I know that could improve, but I wanted to get her something she could feel ‘good’ at and that only really require to autotarget and shoot with a minimal need to move around. Plus it would also fill the crucial ‘rogue’ open/unlock/disable roll.

So her WF arti was born (I figured arti was better for self-healing). I found a pretty good x-bow in my inventory and I even taught her the fine art of rune arming (4 turns it on auto charge, 4 turns the auto charge off when wanting to move faster) and R fires it. And soon enough thought spike became second nature for her. And now she have advanced to the store version of ML 5 force based rune arm and I will eventually get her on the acid rune arm out of the store and later the madness one which I happen to like.

There is a thought behind the madness (no pun, honestly). Those are all auto locking. They’re relatively fire and forget type weapons with little or no maneuverability needed. Face in general direction, hit tab enough times to attack the one you want to shoot and fire rune arm at. Hopefully so that everything you’re aiming at gets a juicy hit or two. And she’s good at it; good enough that is (I found it amusing the other day when she was chased by a ooze – instead of stopping turning around and shoot she ran in a perfect circle screaming ‘I can’t see it’ while it ate at her heels never fully coming around to see it). That way she can get used to the idea of using several different things; the damaging ability of rune arms and repeaters and also a pet to help her out with. I will run the big ol’ brute Half-Orc fighter with the intent of sticking my axe where it doesn’t belong (heads mostly).

Also – that requires a minimum of challenge items to get her arti where it should be; the boots for the added acid damage and crit, a trinket maybe for force related damage and crit, either the bracers from the Droaam chain that add sonic proc damage or the once from challenges that adds blur plus the Master challenge ring for repair and SP.

That would cover most of those items. Then of course Minos legen for some additional HP and Fort. The only thing missing is of course a really good x-bow. And you can find okay ones in chests – silver slinger is not entirely bad out of the new free harbor quests and the best would be a straight holy out of Shroud or maybe something like a Li II (very resource intense tho – straight holy with greater disruption is a much safer and cheaper bet).

Once MotU hits I will be leveling with her with my WF Arti. It makes perfect sense. My fighter will be grouping with other players doing mostly Elite Epics where possible to level as quickly as possible and my WF arti is more of the casual strider anyways. And two artis are always better than one. Plus with self healing I can always heal her when our hireling fails (and they will) and we’ll have 2 pets doing their stupid stuff.

That leaves my sorc, fighter, monk, main human arti, ranger and eventually WF wiz to level in whatever pace I think they should and when she feels it we’ll be covering MotU in whatever reasonable pace. And I can tell you this safely – Arti’s in MotU will be as useful and well rounded as they now currently are. It’s a perfect class that covers most bases for anyone who want to make sure they cover both DPS, buffs and support. I’ve had the most pleasant experience with my Arti in Beta and find the least problems with it. Sure they’re not MAX DPS by any stretch of the imagination but they are good at it and runearms makes up for the lack of repeater DPS. I know she’ll have the least amount of issues with a Arti there and together with mine we will be a pew-pew-pew swoosh (runearm) pair.


3 thoughts on “Artified

  1. Micki

    😀 man! I lol’ed at you dissing your wife. Kinda mean, but still funny. 🙂 You need to teach her to run backwards. Retreating while aiming and shooting. Yeah, so you don’t hit as well when running, but you can always stop long enough to fire. 🙂 Also, is she using the mouse to move the camera/aim? It takes a bit of practice to get used to it, but when you do, it makes aiming while moving a lot easier. (I can’t even play without using the the mouse anymore)

  2. patang01

    Babysteps – first I want her to get the whole move forward side turn etc into her fingers with firing runearm without second thought – then she’ll get the whole running backwards and also use right mouse button to fine adjust aim.

    That’s why my plan is to set her up with the mindsunder rune arm and the madness one – both are ‘heat’ seeking which means that she doesn’t need to aim to hit something.

    I’m more a Toven hammer kind of guy but there’s no arguing that the ones I have in mind for her are awesome. I use the Mindsunder one and used the acid one quote a lot.


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