A fistful of gold and a bank vault full of dusty stuff

When you have tons of mules, blow gold like you’re about to croak you end up doing lazy things like – I just want a charisma +6 items and I’m to lazy to switch to my mule so I blow 60k gold right now type thing. 60k being a place holder – if it’s cheaper good – but you see what I’m getting at.

But the nice thing about being able to craft is that you end up making a bunch of BTA stuff and they end up on your alts and you kind of forget about them. Like a ML 3 trinket with 10% melee alacrity on it. My monk has it but he doesn’t use it anymore since he uses some other item with it on it. Fabricators bracers maybe?

And he also have a pair of BTA goggles with +4 Attack on them (ML 5). Now I had a dim recollection of having a pair of low ML goggles like that but I wasn’t entirely sure where. And plus when you pull together all the TR goodies you kind of forget stuff like that. Which is usually a check list of – fort items check, low ML high DPS weapon, check, gold, check…hirelings? check. Strider item that breaks 5% striding, check…etc

Now the other good thing is that I also end up with a bunch of nice items at around ML 13 and above. Such as heavy fort, +6 ability items etc. Lots of things I would never use since I have replaced them with others – named mostly.

Such as +6 Int mask (yeah – I have a helmet too but I thought mask would look more interesting on a repeater sporting purple WF – kind of like a bandit), +6 Con necklace, +6 str bracers etc. All in all the things most people would use before they replace them with better ‘stuff’. Such as a holy burst of pure good repeater? Sign her up.

That means that I’ve had the pleasure of making sure my wife’s WF is generally well geared. She started out with a very nice repeater and I’ve since ‘upgraded her’. And for 7 I have a bunch of search/spot/jump items that I crafted for her. ML 7 search 10 goggles? Check.

And for 16 she will end up with a trinket XP pearl power X that I pulled but never use until we have the challenge ring of master done for her. Or those spectacles from TOR with reveal hidden door and disable 13 on them. But I also have a heavy fort belt (replacing the moderate fort I created for her char) and a pair of search +15 goggles. That’ll do well together with a docent of life shield until we find some named ones.

Now the thing that I will have to juggle is to make sure her DPS remains up to par. Specifically rune arm. Considering that all named are either BTA or BTC she’ll end up with a store greater force rune arm but I’d like for her to also end up with a acid one – like the madness that’ll go well with the challenge boots.

Especially since there are no force based items that would fit her needs (scepter maybe but then that negates the use of rune arm). I personally use a trinket with superior V force damage and Major force lore – but that requires crafting at a high level and she doesn’t have the resources to get there anytime soon. Plus that would also realistically require the Maker mark which won’t happen on a WF. So for now I’m trying to bridge her over until she can pull the mindsunder rune arm that have arcane lore and sup potency.

So my solution (for now at least) is to give her both the acid and the force line and skip most of the repair. She’s not really repairing herself that much anyways and as soon as she have all the gear (rune arm) I’ll drop off acid and go repair and force. That way I know she’ll enjoy the homing effect of force based rune arms and have a kick@ss reliable DPS.

Then when she’ll run with my WF arti she’ll do force and I will hopefully pull a Toven’s on that one and we can help each others out since there are most likely going to be more critters immune to electric than there are force but you will have a better damage and crit out put on Tovens as long as they don’t save against it.

I’m psyked about level 16 – because I know she’ll going to love all the goodies in my bank I’m about to drop on her WF – and we’ll see what we can do about her pet as well.


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