Completely stoned without any issues

Somehow I felt that my wife was determined to hit 8 than I was and after doing deleras 3 and 4 (with a complete wipe with about 2 swings left of HP on the baddie) we finished 4 with somewhat of a whimper. Whimper in the sense that I ran in smacked the baddie down to a easy to slaughter percentage when it insta nuked my guy. That is what happens when you dont have deatblock. Remind me to take the time to get the thing out of Necropolis. So we ran back in and it hadn’t closed out. This time it took me a whack or two and the boss died. I wanted to quit but my wife persisted. Dang 45k more to do and I really didn’t feel like doing the entire Carnival. But we did snitch and partycrasher on hard (it felt like we could’ve easily done elite but whatever; I didn’t feel to be caster nuked again) and then almost the entire Splinterskull chain. I actually hit 8 (and she had a long time ago as a first lifer) with the defeat of the shaman. So we never did the last quest. Sure it’s not that long but other than some end loot the XP wouldn’t have meant anything anyways since we were going to hit the stones right after level.

And so we did; ran back – quick level to 8 and then a jump (thank you Turbine) to 16.

So now I’m sporting my somewhat useless TD fullplate, my GS stuff and everything else – and my wife have a shiny new store bought acid rune arm and a very nicely enhanced acid line with a little force and repair. Now all we need are the challenge boots and ring(s), maybe a nice flame cloak and we’re good.

20 here we come – one stumbling step after another.


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