Open Beta

It’s coming. Soon everyone who wants to login into Lam and have the xpack can partake and check it out. And with it comes the flood of doom and Huzzah that always follows.

Don’t worry; the changes that are coming are mostly good. As long as they work as intented (WAI is not always directly applicable to how it is currently work). I suggest you do get on Lam – take your best char and enjoy FR. You’ll find many new exciting items, some new great loot, named items and most of all – some changes to how things work that in the longer perspective serve this game and its community.

And you’ll love epic destinies and changes to epic over all. Plus you will enjoy fighting something else other then kobolds, trogs and devils. We’re steppin’ it up a notch.

More importantly; what you think you needed before and spent countless times grinding for will be replaced by that ‘OH SHINIES’ feeling.

Good days ahead and clear skies. I think I’m about to plow more time into my passion and hopefully I’m getting my wife hooked so I don’t have to feel guilty about playing it so often.


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