Why arti rules

I like my fighter. With the fighter destiny he feels very epic. Who can after all complain about x6 crit damage?

Like the new crit Epic feet that adds another x1 to your weapon on 19-20 hit.

And per the enhancement line – another x1 on a 19+ hit and the headchopper on top of that; another 19+ x1 crit. Count them up on a greataxe already high x3 and you have x6. x3 on 18 and x6 on 19+. That together with advancing blows means tons of damage that I’ve seen top 700 per crit so add the fighter speed boost to that and you’ll have 20 seconds of procc’ing murder. Not that the barbarian tier 6 stuff isn’t any better, or the AA ranger line with its many ways of making simple arrows hit with new resonance.

Of course Wiz and Sorcs aren’t really far behind. Sorcs can give another +30% elemental damage (such as a acid) to bottom line and another 20% for 20 seconds when they go into draconic rage. And Wiz can specialize in schools and start counting up those impressive DC’s and there’s plenty of songs for aspiring bards. FvS or cleric with 10% more spell points and 30% more light damage and that can judge undead and evil outsiders so they explode when they die and shower all nearby critters with lots of light damage? And maybe pass on the judgement to others?

Well sign me up.

But Arti is where it is. Do you like 1800+ crits on your Toven hammer? How you ask. Well sign up for the draconic destiny. Get that 30% more lighting spell power. Add even more as you go into draconic fury and add a chance to get SP and HP as you kill stuff. Or why now start with draconic and fate twist those 30% then work yourself over to the ranger one and add some additional DPS to your repeater.

And while you’re at it; pick up a repeater with nightmare on it – the same feature as the sword of terror – you know the one where you crit stuff and they’re haunted by their greatest fairs and if they fail they save they’re insta killed by a phantasmal killer. Want to increase the odds of that happening? Well then turn on your battle engineer machine gun effect and see if you can’t get a orange named bad guy without deathblock to fail.

MotU have a lot of things in store for you and if you don’t think the xpack is worth it I suggest you think again. Not because of all the new tools you have and salivate over possible DPS – but because with Epic destinies you have a chance to dip into all of them and pick pieces that makes you shape your ultimate hero type. One that hits on all those things you always wanted to try out. Self healing barbarian? Well I’m sure that’s possible if you twist some effects from other destinies.

And a enraged adrenaline junky bard – why not.

But arti still rules. Not because they’re better than the x6 procc’ing mad axe swinging fighter or super duper enraged barbarian, fair singing bard or nuketastic sorc.

It’s because they are well rounded for the many different horrors of MotU. And because rune arms are cool. I know. So is your axe/polearm/scepter/kopesh. I’m not denying that – but there’s just something cool about seeing 3 evasion in a row with zero damage on a critter you’re shooting followed by a final 1500 mindfrying crit. Gotcha!!!


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