Perfect is always punctuated by frustration

Maybe there are mischievous devs out there, but it seems like they decided to take perfect and stab it with a fork here and there. Like adding no transportation points so that you run and run to get somewhere and even run some more to get somewhere else. It’s not a big complaint but given that I don’t have tons of time playing (sometimes my family want me to pay attention to them – if not just so my wife makes me scream to the kids that they should knock something off. Whatever that might be). So running through underdark and then run through the drow city to run to a quest is a lot of running. More running than I wish to do. Reminds me of Cannith and first running through the manufactory then run through another ‘wilderness’ area to get to the actual raids. No wonder there are so few up most of the time and no wonder I don’t feel like joining them.

Not that underdark and the Kings forest doesn’t deserve to be explored. They do – but sometimes they’re almost too big (especially underdark) and I just want to get something done. Quest wise.

But I think the biggest fly in a perfect cup of coffee are Astral Panthers. It’s like being stuck listening to the same ear piercing hold music waiting for support. Funny story. I bought Diablo III – one for me and one for my wife. So I installed it. It requires for you to link it to your battlenet account. Fair enough – I try to login. It appears I already had an account. Fair enough. I try to reset it but for some reason or another it refuses – something about I don’t have all the info. Mind you this is resetting the password which is generally just a matter of them sending it to my e-mail. But it doesn’t – and in order for you to log a support request online you have to login (defies logic really) and you can only call between x hours. So I called and got stuck on hold for a good hour. So I have it on speakerphone while I play DDO. It’s a shriek ear piercing kind of music – at a distance it’s alright but if you put the phone to your ear it’s like the dumb and dumber characters shrieking in that car (do you want to hear the most annoying sound?). Then it said click and I was hung up on.

So I called a couple of days later; said there was a 9 minute hold time. That turned into an hour or more and I finally talked to someone.
That experience is called Astral Panthers. Red named panthers – they’re good at knocking you on your behind and they have more HP and better evasion than dire bears. Did I say better evasion? I mean they evade everything. They serve no purpose, offer no rewards other than slayer and you’ll find them in the Kings forest, probably in underdark and so far in some quests. And it’s like doing waterworks over and over killing waves of kobolds. I can kill them quickly enough on my fighter (level 4 Epic destiny) but dotting it to death or even repeater plus rune arm takes it good time.
It’s the equivalent of a dev poking you in the eye or a teacher forcing you to sit on thumb tacs so you won’t fall asleep in the same class as that droning voice from the movie….

I cannot think of a more annoying encounter previously in any other quest or wilderness.


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