My kingdom for a cart (to carry all mah loot!)

+3 loot didn’t start out the way I wanted. Ran a tiny little bit of Devils battlefield and you’d think you would find some loot there. Not so much. So I ran something else and figured that my FvS wasn’t exactly pulling something good. Ran a shroud with my human arti and while it was on hard I still didn’t pull lots of goodies (like tomes and stuff like I’ve pulled in the past). So I decided to combine looting and levelling – dragging out my level 15 Sorc into Gianthold and later Macabre. Well thank you Mr Almighty DDO loot god because I hit the jackpot there. One sigil piece, 2 tomes of legend (2 and 3) and lots of other assorted goodies. I even braved another shavarath run and pulled tons of vendor/cannith deconstruct stuff and a large devil scale (granted from sins but still).

So now I’m trolling Macabre, Shavarth and Gianthold for more. I’m figurin’ I have one more day of chest runnin’ and if I’m going to go pirate on all of it I better use my time wisely. I hope this is going to hit around the time the xpack launches. Like a weekend or two. ‘Cause I don’t mind XP but with the changes to random loot I DEFINATELY want a loot boost to see if I can’t pull things that make me go…anyways. I apologize if I’m going to have to cut this short but I’m about to implode some heads, blade barrier some bones and see what else is hiding in those dank dark caves. And remember – dry socks. You definately want to keep that jungle rot away from your fast runnin’ feet.


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