Another one down

This weekend I was mostly loot runnin’. I mean who can blame me. I was running low on mats so most of the stuff I pulled ended up in the Cannith sausage maker. For lesser mats mostly but I’ll take greater if I have too. One day I will have enough to spend some of those XP pots and just create tons of shards and hit the magic number 150. But I did do the chain quest (free the slaves) out of the Beta, twice. Actually 3 times. It’s what happens when you do Beta. First I broke all the slave pen doors with a tactical detonation. Which breaks the quest. Something I didn’t find out until after I broke all of them (strange no one is attacking me). See if you do so – use rune arm, spells etc it breaks how it works and it doesn’t trigger the guards attacking you.

So I got back in (they have now added this marvelous thing called reset – it’s a button right there – it resets the quest so you can go in right away without having to wait 5 minutes. Sweet! Now I wonder if that works with wilderness instances too – hello beautiful farming without the LFMs RESET MEH PLS!) – the second time I ran it four probably a good hour, hour 30. Maybe even more. It said something about how I had to kill the guard captain. I mean I killed everything but the slaves. Turns out that when you open all slave pens (with melee weapon) you trigger the angry captain thingy and the guard captain comes out and tries to kill you and after that you can enter the fortress. Now I know I killed him the second time but for some reason it never triggered. So when I entered and killed everything that condition was still not checked off.

The second time I did well; I found the slave master fairly quickly and killed them, thus being able to free lots of slaves. The third time (yes I figured others had done it so there must be a way to finish) the condition for killing the guard captain was done and I didn’t fair as well at freeing slaves. I tried; sometimes shepherding tons of angry slaves searching for the invisible slave master (I guess see invisible will be a useful spell here) but gave up. 5 minutes beaten up by irrate slaves are enough and not worth the trouble. So sorry innocent controlled villager who was captured while out feeding squirrels in Kings forest.

That 1800 crit from tovens hammer to your forehead was unfortunate but at least you didn’t suffer long.

And during the second time I freed almost all the slaves around the end boss; this time I figured I couldn’t get the magic free almost all slaves condition so while I tried to hold back I did end up clearing almost the entire room. Which is bad for slaves.

This quest is actually fun; probably a lot ‘funner’ if the map worked, but ‘funner’ then the house of death undone (or whatever). But all of them are pretty good. There’s always some twist involved and I’m kind of glad I’m doing most of these on my Arti; cause being able to disable traps is a good thing. Not being able too is a pain.

And this morning I decided to do a final run through Macabre and pulled tome of legend V – so now I have II, IIIx2, V and VI. That’s half of them with one spare. Only thing is that WHAT should I get? I’m almost imaginating levelling up my other level 12 fighter and give him 2 deathnips. I don’t know why but having a twf fighter with deathnips sounds ‘interesting’. Not entirely useful in higher end content but a little niche. Or a skiver for my sorc or wiz (probably wiz). That’s archmagic and greater lore on one item. Not bad. Not great, but useful. I really don’t see much use for any of the other things – well maybe a ooze beater. Kind of expensive to make a ooze beater. When I can make a everbright maul or something right now. It would be interesting to know if anyone ever bother doing any of these items other than maybe Minos legen. Cause I sure pulled enough tapestries to make one. And I do believe that belongs to my wife’s arti.


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