The blue spectral tentacles of death

So it was a guilty pleasure of mine and I wasn’t doing it to see how often it would go off, but more to pull +1 items so I can deconstruct their quality. I was making +1 bolts you see. Funny story. I was tired – so I guess I got that excuse going for me. I started making ammo for my repeater. Figured I pulled this +6 repeater and wanted so extra DPS in the form of Acid, holy etc. So I made several thousands of this ammo. Only to figure out I made arrows and now bolts. So I ended up selling all of them for peanuts. 3000+ arrows of several different elements. Face palm time. So now I’m making arrows with +2 quality and wasting mats doing it (they cost more to make) but in the end I had almost a 1000 Holy and 1500 acid ones with a bunch more flaming done.

Giving that extra DPS to my +6 repeater. But I figured I wanted a few more (cause in higher content you’ll run through these bolts like nuthin’.)

So I ran Irestone – good source of chests and good source of magic items. I used my nightmare repeater. My experience is that you will seldom see a phantasmal killer go off in higher end content. Most stuff will save against it. In fact you’re as likely to see the Vacc II proc as you are the nightmare effect. But when you run low end stuff it’ll work as much as you crit. And it’s quite fun watching the phantasmal killer effect go off with the blue spectral tentacles grabbing the victim as it dies. And off it goes. If you don’t one shoot a victim the thing is about to go off – and there are plenty of unwilling victims in Irestone. And chests. I didn’t pull as many +1 items as I wanted but this served as a experiment in nightmare destructions as much as farming expedition for +1 items.

But it does remind me once more that I should really make more bolts like these. Sure – you kind of have to farm for +1 items and have enough mats for the job – but it’s relatively cheap to make a bunch of flaming or holy bolts and it does add that little bit extra DPS. Plus in a pinch – it qualifies as DR breakers.

I wish there was a way to make your own adamantine/cold iron/silver elemental bolts. But say buying the house of D bolts then converting them to whatever they are but with added elemental damage. Just add enough cost to it and it can be a perfect plat sink.


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