Quest redux – not the good way

There are some quests that gives you the ‘not again’ feeling. Like coal chamber. That’s why I solo it. Why you ask? Well it doesn’t have a puzzle. It has a long boring run with lots of going up, jump and some falling down. When you have 1d6 unknows doing it it’s like a finger trap. No matter how much you pull it won’t snap and you can’t swing your greataxe. You don’t get it? It’s alright – I’m working on a better metaphor that doesn’t involve forbidden words.

So take crucible. My first crucible (seared into the place memories goes to remind me that stepping in a bear trap is not as bad as ‘that time’) – it’s like dating the girl with the somewhat wierd eyes that turns out to be completely psycho (insert boyfriend if needed). That time we spun a tale or two in the maze. I mean it wasn’t the from above electric bombing of casters. It was the ‘where the frack are we’ type deal with a guy looking up the solution online for ‘3 hours’ and when we finally moved on I fell down the maze and had to run the long way back. Well that was over an hour I won’t get back and it’s the ‘that time’ event. Sure – I did something similar in coal chamber before they added the jets. ‘Cause you know – when you fall down and have to start over and get ambushed and killed by gnolls pulling red alert – you know you’re having slightly more fun than being chased by zombies, with only a peace sign to fend them off with (talk about irony right?).

So I joined a bunch of people with the little wings around their name. We spend the first 15 or so minutes waiting for one guy. Out in the wilderness. I really don’t like that because that means the important stuff like pots and jewelry are burning.

We spent over an hour inside the quest stuck in maze (healer died – again – irony), 5 minutes going through the trap trial and 10 minutes figuring out which door to open. The rogue kept screaming OUCH! over mic everytime he took damage as if he had his output on the computer routed via the electric outlet to his earlobe or something for that ‘extra immersion’. He had the fresh prune ‘I’m 15 and growin” type voice that shouldn’t sing.

I’m not dissing him; but if you want immersion then imagining a adolescent rogue that just TR’d is kind of funny. Level 14 too – if level and age is related. Then came the underwater test. I’ve been in groups that failed right there. After long agonizing runs. Just to have the only one with evasion die in the traps. And you stand there realizing that you just wasted 45 minutes for nothing. The first words out of the rogues mouth (mic) as he jumped into the water. ‘Where do I go?’

That’s when I switched over to make another phone call. Not to anyone related to the game; like a ingame DDO therapist where you go
‘So doc – I’ve been having these nightmare quests happening to me’.
‘Tell me about your childhood’ (Did that guy speak with an accent?)
‘Say what – my childhood? What does that have to do with this pug?’
‘You know it’s about daddy issues right?’ (I swear, that’s an accent and he’s not Canadian)
‘Huh? Seriously – is this to tech support in india? Really – outsources psychology now reading off a script?’

When I came back it was done and the herding for the group to come back was over. All buffs long gone. That 5% Xp shrine – buh bye. 70 minutes of a 30% XP pot gone (drank it minutes before we started the quest) and a bunch of random stuff out of chests. At least we got something out of it. XP – 30k. Was it worth it? Sure – it won’t replace ‘that time’ and it won’t be the last time I have to do it. Like on Beta – trial of fire or whatever – the most confusing quest ever. I couldn’t find jack. So I ended up jumping into the unknow to reset where I was over and over. It felt like 2 hours. And getting to the quest – over an hour. Jeebus.

But this was the redux to the good old days that I really didn’t care for.

Now keep in mind that I have nothing bad to say about anyone. Circumstances mounted to at least a finish. It’s what happens. But after it was over I politely said goodbye because I didn’t want the guy that said ‘FER CHRIST SAKE’ when some of the people with wings would say ‘so where do we go’. I guess that’s why it’s good that I don’t have a mic.


2 thoughts on “Quest redux – not the good way

  1. Micki

    😀 lmao.

    🙂 I ran The Crucible elite 3 times when farming for relics for Reaver’s Fate (at level 16 I believe). Each time with a more or less good pug. This one guy was amazing in the water, though. He jumped in, snuck past the guards and came back without taking a single hit.

    Chamber wasn’t that much fun, though (only run it once). Ran it with some people who knew it well, I got lost and spent a long while wandering looking for the group. Another party member died, and I would have helped him, but first I needed to find the group 🙂 I was getting pretty fed up with it… until I did find the group and got the end chest. Yay!

  2. patang01

    I hear you – I’ve had good and bad experiences in both. I will only run coal if I run with a group that does well in other Vale quests. If they know those I’d be fairly sure they could do well in Coal. Coal is much better now since they added the jets. But it’s still a 45 mins minimum of frustration.


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