Xpack checklist

It’s coming. Are you ready?

Here’s a bunch of stuff you should consider for all kind of content.

Disease and neutralize poison pots. It’s changing; no more immunities – you’re bound to get jungle rot and posioned. Some are natural which is covered by immunities and race abilities, but there are also magical and super natural ones and your immunity item is now a +6 somethin’ – not quite as good as it used to be. So carry pots. Your hireling might help you but if you don’t rely on one then carry pots. Lots of them. Stat damage is a beast.

High DC – sure – it’s not something you can ‘order’ but if you’re going to Eveningstar and beyond you’ll going to run into critters that have high reflex and evasion. So if you don’t have a good DC then don’t waste your time with spells or items that require that provides a save. While you can certainly add up an impressive amount of damage with your blade barriers and rune arms, it’ll most likely be saved. But everything including squirrels. Rely less on things like Toven’s and aquire a renewed interest in the Mindsunder one. Or even the force based rune arm you find in one of the MotU quests. To put it plainly – expect to be saved on so bring backup.

You’re about to run into lots of diverse demons so bring DR breakers. There’s an entire wilderness (demonweb) for the third chain with nothing but demonic critters in it. Some new and some old.

All wilderness areas are huge. Bring clean underwear and some provisions. You’ll be walking around a lot trying to find stuff so you might as well make sure you have a good cup of coffee and some snacks. Avoid fingerfood that’ll mess up your keyboard ’cause you’re going to need all that finger dexterity to keep your mobility up. Stretch before you start killin’ – you don’t want to pull something.

More importantly. Expect to be impressed and frustrated. You’re about to learn a whole new set of quests. Some fairly large others somewhat short but still requiring some basic tactics. And more importantly work on the OOOOOOOH AAAAAAAAAAAAH shiny moments. You’re about to start pulling random loot that’ll make you drool and consider banking all that ‘ fur sure’ named stuff you’d collected for so long. It’s a good and a bad thing – but one that provides choice.

And stop and smell the roses. Take your time. You don’t need to win tomorrow. This is new. Enjoy it. You’re not in Kansas anymore and you won’t get this feeling back again (unless they drop another pack). Sooner or later we will know all the ins and outs of every quest and wilderness and we won’t blink twice in order to get something done. So pretend for a moment that you haven’t lived on ‘zerg’ for the last couple of years and slow down your step. You’ll get there eventually. So there’s no hurry.

And don’t expect to know where all the rare are in Kings forest. Most of them are randomly placed making rare runs a thing of the past. Sure – you might find the green dragon in one or two places but most other encounters can be anywhere. Which is kind of cool.


One thought on “Xpack checklist

  1. CheaterJoe

    While I was halfway through your post, I found myself REALLY wishing you were going to say “stop and smell the roses”. Thank you, Patang01. I’m packing my clean underwear now.


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