Raid – spoiler

Don’t read this if you want your virginity intact.

The raid as currently designed is a rescue and escort mission. The thread of the weave (an girl) is kidnapped by Lolth because she have some tremendous powers growin’ inside her. Lets leave the ‘why’ out of it and go to the raid.

So you go to the part of the Demonweb where Lolth have put her and throughout the demonweb area she have taken her powers and put her in these artifacts. Now destroying those artifacts I guess is a optional task but it’s tied to getting an extra chest. Which is okay. However one chest is also tied to her leaving the demonweb without losing her HP (meaning that every time she gains a artifact she’ll get HP).

This is a long mission. Finding all artifacts as well as slogging yourself back to the portal can take a long time. Especially if Lolths different bodyparts kickes people off into the netherworlds and end up dispersing part or the entire group.

Personally I find it completely silly to tie a extra chest to a NPC keeping her HP since we all know that the current state of NPC AIs leaves a lot to be desired AND it’s already bugged as is. That NPC can walk off platforms or get stuck and eventually ends up where she starts. And that makes for great frustration.

This is not ELoB where a group of players fight a very tough opponent. This is a raid where the construct of the raid fights you – at every single turn. The ambushes and fighting is simply incidental – every other mechanic is there to kidney punch you at every turn.

I might still do it for the loot (if I ever get it because of the mechanics in how to get it) but I will never do it on anything with a bluebar other than my ranger. Hell no.


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