“LVL 8 here. will let you stone me for a GS blank (goggles).”

First in haste since I was about to meet papa endbadguy in Sinister storage I thought that the person was offering a GS blank for getting stoned so I sent a tell – I might have a stone but it’ll be free of charge. Then I got a no ty back. Then I realized that the person wanted to get stoned and paid for it. You would get the char a stone and in turn you paid. That was new; something I would never do in a million year. So I could get the white pet? I mean I already had it – got it the first day for doing something good. But pay someone for doing that person a favor?

Not a chance.

There are those who treat a MMO as a business proposition. That sell things with profit in mind. I mean I trade and sell too. When I need stuff or want to make a little bit money of an item I have in storage. But it’s not something I do. I do it because I have a need for plat or want to get rid of stuff. Others do it as a matter of fact over playing. I don’t know if this person did it – but we know there are those with alts maxed out on plat who spend most of their time running to sell.

I just find it a waste of time. Maybe because I have a limited amount of time to play the game and the idea of spending it trading seems odd. Now what would be cool is if you could open up a shop. Say you ‘rented’ space somewhere and you could set up your own little manufactury. By having your own little private space of deconstruct and such and then a store front where you sold your goods. People could go there, pick my store (say trinkets and craep) and pick from my creations. Maybe a bargain bin section where stuff that don’t sell automatically end up with a 50% discount if I set it up like that. Where I could spend an hour or so making stuff then leave it on automatic for people to go shop in. And where I could sell random stuff. That way I didn’t have to use the trade channel. Or pay 30% at the AH. Sure – the powers still would get their 5% share but I got to make stuff and sell it and not waste my time peddling it.


2 thoughts on “Stoned?

  1. RondaDouglas

    This would be just like the bazaar set up in Everquest/you make a toon that is the stand…. trouble with that is you must leave the game open for the store to operate.

    It seems that alot of mmo’s duplicate great ideas started with other games…. after playing eq, wow and guild wars/this is something you can not help but notice: they tend to borrow mobs/adventure twists and flagging storylines.

    The demon Queen is like the desert mob in Eq/the hive Queen in EQ/darkelf on top and monster spider on bottom looks to be in the upcoming expansion. But afterall DND Paper was ripped off by all the first mmo’s… so alot of similarities are bound to show up…. even character building was very much the same/but dodge was much more important stat than it is in ddo, thusfar.


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