Trippin’, cake eatin’ and 30% XP bonus

‘I’m not a smart man, but I know what trippin’ is’


So sayeth my horc. At least now – not before. It’s a sad that that it took me so long to discover trip. I mean I love stun on my Monk but that’s more the ability and not the feat you can get and maybe I’m just unsophisticated but my fighter have always been the swing smack smack type. Boost speed and strength, smack. Uncomplicated, straight forward and full ‘tard mayhem. I never really bothered with anything else. I did see others use stun and trip, but that just seemed kind of silly considered it’s easier to just smack and swosh things to death.

Then I tried it; I mean why not. I TR’d the guy and figured I’d spice things up. Full ‘tard is just that much fun. And it made sense. Trip is useful – a great way to smack caster on their behind so they can’t hold you and such. I think the idea of ‘trippin’ came from the fact that laying waste (a fighter destiny ability) does it on a big scale. Meaning that it’s a cleave feature and everything hit by it will suffer a trip effect. That lead me live to when I TR’d to kind of renew interest in it.

There’s just one thing; if you want improved trip then you need also combat expertise and in order to pick combat expertise you also need at least 13 in int. Hense what I started with. Horcs are not brainy creatures – they’re not really meant to be wizards and such. And beginning with a deficit isn’t really the best way to make a trippin’ horc. In fact if you want a perfect ‘tripper’ then you should consider a WF – cause they don’t have that deficit in Int and they can also boost it with tactical feat (I think that’s the name of the enhancement).

But for some reason or another I had wasted a +2 Int tome on my horc. I guess you can chalk it down as ‘I just have lots of them stored – why not’. Some people sell them. I just figured it’s nice to have those stored for that rainy day when you go – Hmm, lets just make another char. And now with +3 tomes low end +1 is just waste of space and something you can break down for cannith crafting or sell to those who still consider +1 worthwhile.

The ironic thing is that I had a +3 Int tome. I bought it to use on my Wiz. Then they had all those sales and extra point bundles and I bought a bunch of supremes instead and used that on my wiz. So now I had this +3 int tome and probably no one to use it on. So I did on my horc. But that also meant I needed to lesser reincarnate him so I could rearrange the ability points to get that ellusive 13.

Longer story short – he’s now a improved sunder and improved trip king. Well king is probably not right; but at least he’s useful. The end goal is to give him the epic destiny enhancements that increase DCs on all tactical feats so my lay waste and single trips are more potent. They’re very useful.

I also ended up running my sorc – seemed like a perfect opportunity to do so considering it’s a 30% XP weekend. I did Temple of Vol on my own – hard. It’s about the only macabre quest I like to do solo – the others require often some kind of coordination although I should be able to do the fire and ice one on my own; it’s just a pain to do I guess. (mostly because I don’t know the map). Finally I ran in a group and did Ghost of perdition and raked in some hefty amount of XP (not bad for a 10 minute run). That made me hit 17 and running Sacrifice and Rainbow I raked in close to 40k in rainbow and well over 40k hard and normal sacrifice.

That when I got the brilliant idea to do the end quest in the harbor (level 15) on hard. I know it’s not a easy quest. Getting to the boss is ‘easy’ enough – but the boss is a pain. Died – eventually found myself by the door dead – raised myself, got a gold cleric, raised the other hireling and moved on. The second try had it’s tribulations as well. Seems that hirelings like to go derpy. In this case they didn’t heal me or themselves so there was a lot of manual clicking and such as well as jumping around like a crazy rabbit to stay alive long enough to get them and myself healed. But eventually the day was won and 27k later I hit the profit button.

I’m looking forward to this weekend and the opportunity to get one or two more levels out of it. I’m definately farming the vale quests so I can get closer to cap.


One thought on “Trippin’, cake eatin’ and 30% XP bonus

  1. Micki

    Ah, 30% xp bonus weekend? So, basically I should be running not my capped cleric but the toons who actually benefit from it. šŸ™‚ But, but.. I want those epic tokens… and I want to do shroud puzzles XD

    šŸ˜ I need to make a gear excel for my cleric… so I can finally figure out how and what to get, and what gs to make (I haven’t even picked a blank yet. People keep telling me goggles! … but I want my time-sensing ones. I mean, I use the haste clicky all the time. Gloves don’t work either, because I have and use the epic ones from crystal cove… and cloak doesn’t work, because I use the Magewright cloak. Then I’m told that bracers and headgear is a bad idea, so.. blah). šŸ™‚ Ok, sorry, I babble.



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