Don’t blame me, I didn’t use to arcane

(Wierd snafu – I’m pretty sure I had written something but Windows ate my text with the whole – do you want to leave this page as I hit publish)

Up until a year ago my word was that of divine and melee. Melee is simple. Maximum ‘tard punch, slice, slash and punch. Yes – punch. That’s not to say there are not things you can do with melee. Like trip – yeah – didn’t ‘discover’ that one until recently. Or as with a ranger – switch between two weapons and bow and the ability to self heal. Or Monk – which is definately a step up in ‘things to do’ which breaks the cycle of punch etc. Divine in it’s basic essence is somewhat easier. BB, kite, implode and destruct. And then self heal. Finger dexterity definately comes into practice when healing a pug – where they all separate and run around expecting people to heal through walls and such. I think sometimes the worst part of the divine experience is to healbot players with the mentality of that you are their personal healer and that will have the same ability to separate yourself from everyone else just like the worst of them.

Sorc or wiz is different. I mean they have so many spells, so many roles that it’s interesting to see just how they cornhole themselves into a specific role when they have so many things that they CAN do. Not that full on arcane DPS is hard or not fun – it is. Being able to blow things up in a varied amount of ways for thousands of HP in damage is fun. Or insta kill. Or hold them with web, dance etc and then do the whole nuke/dps explode etc thingy. But as of current I see the formula CC wiz, insta kill PM and DPS sorcs. Maybe because it’s easier or maybe because in reality we all comform to standards that suits the build and others. After all – how many LFMs do you see asking for a sorc that ‘do your own thang’. Most is for CC.

So when I soloed so much on elite first, hard later I had that in the back of my mind until I discovered tactical applications I found interesting. Like using mass Suggestion in the Madness quest chain. You know where you build a airship out of beds and bookshelves. On hard the SP drain can be horrible, especially since you have to run back and forth killing stuff. Until I used mass suggestion and got them on my side. It’s not perfect and won’t last forever. But when you mass suggest a bunch of reavers and then haste the building parts to run past them – it works. And they help you knock out eyeballs and beholders (and sometimes you can even recruit beholders – neat). It’s almost easier to simply suggest a bunch of critters than to kill em – since the eye balls have pretty good evade and the reavers are resistent to acid damage.

This also worked in the end quest as I sometimes mass suggested a bunch of those critters that turn into 2 eye balls. To first help me kill stuff, then I would put a firewall on them, remove the charm and have the firewall burn them and later the eyeball to death. Eventhough they might evade some ticks, they won’t evade all. So that’s useful.

Put it plainly; there are tons of interesting spells. Some clearly worthless – others useful in specific areas or just everywhere given a specific scenatio. And if you want to be able to be good at these things simply gear yourself to a passable DC. Like I currently use a great conjuration, enchantment, necromancy and evocation item. All in different slots. And all with the purpose to strengthen abilities that are not nativly awesome. And still have enough evocation to do the job.


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