30% weekend extended through Sunday 24th

l almost feel like TRing another character (if I wasn’t in the process of TRing two). But this should mean that capping my sorc is just a matter of going through the motions then promising my wife the world for capping my fighter shouldn’t be too hard.

Then the question is should I TR someone else or go ahead and try to use the final time to level my Wiz? Choices – not always how you want em.

I’m still on the fence about either getting the Skiver and most importantly – whom to give it to. I mean it would be nice to have for someone like my Sorc but then I realize that I really only care for the greater lore part and only to boost very few untyped damage. AND I also know that this is going to be covered by force damage when the xpack drops. So I really should work on getting my Wiz and Sorc a alchemical scepter with Force lore and damage, especially since I can equip it at level 18 (the tier 2 version anyways) and could cover things – like Superior glaciation and force in one item and get more out of it than say a skiver. Especially since the wizard evening star set covers 3 items including archmagic. Or more importantly, you have the spidersilk robe. Now imagine that one. My understanding (and I wish it was verified) is that you can ‘merge’ a named armor with the set.

Now I don’t know exactly how that works but if that is the case it would be possible to have a great setup in that case. Again – note that this is PURE speculation but until we get a clearer picture of how it work I can only imagine how the end product will look like.

But one thing is clear; the new named items have a random effect to it. Let me explain.

Spidersilk Robes Robe: Insightful Charisma +3, Armor Bonus +9, Potency, Wizardry IX, Resistance +6, Concentration +15, Toughness [ML:22]

It seems that the Insightful Charisma +3 is actually a random ability on the item. It can be something like Charisma +8 as well. I assume you can also find stat bonuses to Intelligence.

Now if you look at the following armor it’s a little bit different

Hide of the GoristroLeather Armor: +6, Constitution +8, Toughness, Rough Hide, Melee Alacrity 10%, Vertigo +10 [ML:22]

In this case it seems as if the Vertigo +10 is the random factor and can be any of the different effects to the tactical feat, including other effects.

These can then be ‘merged’ with a set bonus by either merging say the set bonus armor with the named item or simply replace it.

Like this one


War Wizard’s RobeRobe: +6, Archmagi, Elemental Absorption 5%, Concentration +15, Battle Arcanist Set Bonus [ML:20]

This will probably increase ML and most likely replace the item, so the spidersilk replaces and become part of the battle arcanist set bonus. Again – only speculating here. But it makes sense since having a robe with archmagi and wizardry IX seems a little redundant.

It also makes sense when you compare the hide and the woodsman outfit.

Leathers of the WoodsmanLeather Armor: +6, Dexterity +7, Melee Alacrity 10%, Hide +15, Woodsman’s Guile Set Bonus [ML:20,BtCoA]

Whatever is the case and how it works – it is a really interesting way of making items be more to anyones particular flavor. Especially with some random stats to it – you simply going to have to continue running the quest until you get the type of flavor you like and it’s interesting since different flavors will work with different combinations of items.

Take my sorc; I would love to pull and put together the Epic flamewarden.


Mostly for Charisma +7 with Exceptional Charisma but also for the UMD. greater evocation etc.

Now if I pull the spidersilk robe with insightful Charisma +3 I’m looking at +11 Charisma and if I get the Charisma +8 robe I’d only get 9 out of the deal. There are of course other things that look interesting.

Planar Focus of Erudition – Trinket: Charisma +8, Planar Focus: Erudition Set Bonus [ML:22,BtCoE]. I would assume that there is some measure of randomness in this as well. In other words I could use this trinket, insightful +3 robe and a item with the exceptional +1 Charisma (like a epic item and add the augment) or if this comes in a insightful flavor, the other way around.

In other words – what I might consider being a good item for now won’t be very useful in the long run – so do I want to tie something like the skiver to a wiz or sorc that will only have a use for it in a very short time span – unless we’re talking about TRing.


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