If there’s something I’m good at its packing. Organizing. Figuring out combination that provides me with solutions to tactical choices that don’t necessarily means that I’m corn holing myself into the gold standard. I might not get there right away but I try; I have an idea – try it – and if it doesn’t provide me with a good measurable result I move on. That’s not saying that I’m always right or always do good – but that my aim is always to follow the idea and to make good.

The translation is not a better char than you might have; I seldom worry about being better than ‘you’ but that it conforms itself to the kind of standard I like to see. That’s why I look forward to the xpack. Because there will be new random loot offering new opportunities that ranges outside the ‘norm’. That’s important. hand on your heart; how many staffs outside the gold standard do you use? What kind of scepters/one handed items do you use? Is ESoS your end goal and Antique greataxe your second best with Min II GS the old and tired ‘until I have it’?

I’ve never run EVon and never tried Von more than once. I have the Antique greataxe and a Li II one but not a min II. The truth is that while I have GS items (such as max SP/HP all immunity and con op) all are meant S stop gap measures to boost specifics but never the end goal. The xpack breaks all those habits. Now I can’t wait until I find a nightmare repeater, a thaumaturgy staff of the right caliber or maybe a set or two. All are in flux and leaves me with a endless supplies of opportunity. The reason why I mention staffs is because random staffs can now be the choice between raw general power or the choice of focus through scepters/1 handed. That was never a choice before. Where you had the abbott staff or the drooam staff. Other than that random staffs was for clonking stuff over the head – not the goto item to wield for ‘I GOT THE POWER!’

With the xpack it’s a choice between one good element and lore on a scepter/1 handed or multiple power plus good potency in a staff. That allows people choices. Open doors. Do I go for ‘ THOU SHALT NOT PASS!’ or ‘ZAP and ZAP –TAKE THAT!’. Those are choices, not constrictions.

So what do I mean. Let me give you a couple of examples as my FvS have them.

I’m currently using the pirate dagger and a con op scepter. Nothing fancy; the general idea is to boost my BB as well as light damage and the con op adds strength and heal amp (LOTS of heal amp). So I’ll have 3 SP procs (con op healing gloves, torc and the scepter) and I can self heal ‘for free’ with the FvS capstone for a good 100+ and twice as much on crit. That’s why It can take a lickin’ dynamo up and move on.

After the wipe (reset) in beta my FvS found himself a suitable scepter and a staff. The staff meant that I’d lose heal amp and strength (but there’s always solutions for that) and the scepter meant that I lost the general power of the pirate event dagger. Both choices provides me with alternatives; the staff means more general power and the scepter focuses the stuff I do well, such as crit chance for untyped and more light damage. But it also means less chance to crit with light damage. The staff provides lore, light damage and raw potency, the two items focus light, increases untyped crit and adds heal amp and more SP proc.

Scepter – ML 22 radiance 102 with superior Kinetic lore or a ML 21 staff potency 64, nullification 96, radiance 96 and Superior Kinetic lore. This can naturally be paired with a cannith crafted trinket that amplifies light lore crit chance with general potency or kinetic damage to make the staff a good choice or the scepter a greater focused choice.

Finally, staff being more than gold standard for the ‘must have’. The interesting part here is the choices; to find the combination that works best. Like a scepter with light damage lore and kinetic damage and another with light damage and force lore. Or a staff that combines fire and light damage that has potency already and finish it off with superior force lore with all the goodies for a good blade barrier, comet fall, firestorm and divine punishment soup. I think this is the one. I’m sure some of the combinations will be deemed as too good and removed. Pity; but I hope the general flavor remains. That we have choices once more and where named loot isn’t the must have and that random loot have a meaning again. So I can run loot runs and be excited every single time I open a chest.


One thought on “Packrattin’

  1. Micki

    🙂 Font’s horrible btw. I might have to copy-paste the text and change the font before I read the full post 🙂
    (letters are too crammed together, and font’s a bit small, just a bit, and just makes the post hard to read)


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