If you want to have an idea what a perma pvp place where there are no consequences to killing anyone walking by in the street then log into Beta and join the Eveningstar party. They got cows, bacon, ham, random loot, some XP commendations, dragons and all sorts of summoned critters – and players running around killing everything in sight including other players. If the idea was for people to try out the quests a final time then don’t expect to get far – before I could even run out into the nearest wilderness critters, players and the lag had killed me 3 times. It’s almost like a drinking game to end up in the tavern again to gulp down some stuff to get a slow tick back on your blue bar.

The last part is especially hilarious if you happen to be a sorc or divine caster since you can’t cast offensive spells in public areas. Plus with so many critters and players in the same instance the fram rate dies faster than anyone dumb enough to run around horcs with esos.

But it’s an end to something that started last month. It’s over. Come this evening someone will flip the server switch and the final days before launch will be counted down. Come Monday Kansas will be the last thing you’ll explore for a while. See you on the other side.


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