Reading is fundamental

That’s what I replied in a political forum to a person who added a mindboggling hysterical rant that seemed to be based on a bad headline about a subject that had nothing to do with the persons rant. Too many times do we come across people in today’s divided climate that spew stuff they have no idea what they’re talking about and who’s entire agenda is not to get any closer to the truth but to ram their opinion down your throat as their 1st amendment right to rave.

It’s the Falling down syndrome; if you present a sound and articulated argument supported with a factual fundament it will be received much better than if you simply act the same or worse than whom you’re having issues with. Falling down is about this guy who have enough. And at some level we all can sympathize with someone stuck in endless traffic, one minute too late to get the breakfast or lunch menu or even coming across bad elements; but what most people don’t sympathize with is the overreaction; that all that pent up frustration blows the cork and becomes even more viral that what you’re reacting too. Like you really want to flat hand (but naturally never do) snotty kids running around in stores tearing them apart. Because you know that your kids would never act like that. But in turn when the same snotty kids run into mom who then either beat them in the isle or get red faced and werewolf like, you react as if something fundamentally wrong have happened. Your feeling of wanting to smack that kid over the head is replaced with a urge to tell that parent to chill out.

Kind of like sympathizing with someone for running shroud 50 times without pulling ‘that’ material but then cringe at the overreaction when that person loses it for not finally pulling it in run 51. It’s a natural reaction; probably because while we might wish or agree on a mental plane, the reason why we don’t do it is because we don’t accept it when others do it. But reading is fundamental.

So fundamental that when I do something wrong my impulse is not to double down because I feel I’d lose a argument I never had – but because my natural reaction is that truth as painful as it might be is more important than me telling myself that I’m right when everyone else knows I’m wrong. I guess I don’t have that lack of self awareness.

The reason what I say this is because I feel I’ve been guilty of ranting about things I ultimately was completely wrong about. Granted; in beta we never have the entire picture and we kind of see things in our mind how it should be before we actually find out it is. So when I ranted not long ago about how I wish there was a teleporter to say the Drow city so I didn’t have to run through underdark or Kings forest all the time; well there is. As soon as you reach the Drow city there will be a portal opening (activating) in the Eveningstar cavern so you can get there faster. And there’s also a favor reward people can get for doing quests from the purple knights I think that, called the Key to Eveningstar that allows you to teleport to the village with a 60 minute cooldown. I guess a much faster way then say going to the harbor and taking the portal to the cave. Thank you Turbine for having the foresight to make things a ‘lil easier. But that’s not the entire reason why I mention ‘reading is fundamental’. In fact it’s actually about reading.

For a while now (say sorc life 1 through 2 and then sorc 25 with all epic destinies unlocked in beta) I’ve felt that despite good if no awesome DPS, my sorc just doesn’t seem to land certain spells that often. And it’s not for lack of DC – I mean with greater enchantment, Necromancy, Conjuration and Evocations items plus fully loaded on feats and Charisma, I felt that I should be better at it. But it always seemed as that I kept on leveling and the level appropriate critters kept staying one step ahead of me. It wasn’t that my spells landed without reflex save 2/3s of a time, it was less than a third. This seemed worse even in beta at level 25 and the drow rangers constantly avoiding AOE damage.

This was despite twisting the magister +3 Evocation enhancement, having the draconic +2 Evocation enhancement and Epic Evocation feat. So this struck me like a face palm to the forehead when I went to change spells using one of those dragon tear drop thingies to change as many spells as I wanted in a hours time; that the spells I used most of the time was actually Conjuration based. Yes  – reading is fundamental. As I checked through the spell list for what to changed I found the regular spell version of acid blast; not the savant tier 3 version. And it said conjuration – even the dragon bolt spell I like to use is conjuration based.

When you make fundamental mistakes like that it kind of strikes you how dumb you feel. And as such – I ended up exchanging quicken for conjuration and I changed the magister enhancement from evocation to conjuration and I now ended up doing much better. Finally acid blast landed like 50% percent on evading critters and a third of the time it was without a reflex save. It was as if I’ve had switched into Epic level 25 mode and my sorc wasn’t just fighting odds – it was leveling them.

But I must say this tho; the sorc tier 6 stuff is not worth it at all. Mostly because one thing seems broken – and that is the counter one. You’re supposed to be able to add this counter towards a good momentary invulnerable feature but the counter doesn’t seem to work. No matter how many you kill under draconic fury it doesn’t move. And even IF it moves the cool down on draconic fury is so long that you seldom end up killing enough under the 20 second duration to make the counter worth it. Since they seem to reset when you shrine you’ll end up resetting whatever little you have accomplished. It’s nice on paper but really not very useful in practice.

Second draconic hunger is not useful at all. First of all it procs less then my one con op item, and that is suppose to have something like 3-5 percent proc chance. Draconic hunger have a 10% proc chance to add temporary HP or temporary SP. That’s right – temporary. 15. So when it procs (which seems like maybe 2-3 percent chance if even that) it’s not even worth it. Considering that temporary points are eaten up in one single hit or won’t even cover a good spell, you will never proc enough for it to make any difference in anything. Now I could understand temporary hp. Well I don’t really, but it’s the same as say life shield. If it stacked with life shield and demonic shield or even con op – it could actually fill a function. But the temporary SP is worthless. At least con op and torc add permanent SP – so if you takes lots of hits you do have a decent chance of getting some SP back. With temporary it’ll simply never replenish your SP by killing something, just add SP – and if you kill something and get more SP it won’t ADD, just re-fill those temporary SP.

So it’s just not worth it to spend 4 points on those two features since they’re so arbitrary and fills such a small niche. It’s far better to get charisma instead. 2 points of additional charisma adds more SP then you’re likely to get out of the process and two additional DC. That will easily have a greater impact on your over all play than two functions with a sporadic proc rate that will never have a significant impact on game play. It’s tier 6 – you should expect some kind of wow effect.

Compare that to the fighter one; with the fighter one you get a counter towards the blitz for every tactical feat you use. Ever cleave, greater cleave, trip etc adds to it. At 50 you can use blitz. Blitz adds 25% more melee damage and reduced incoming damage and have a lot of other things to it as well. That’s useful. That’s a real reason to build up to it and maybe skip a shrine so it won’t reset.

The sorc ones? No. Save your points, spend it on something else. Sorc has a lot of things going for it, but the tier 6 stuff ain’t it. Maybe if they made it a truly 10% proc rate and the SP proc not temporary, then yes. And if the counter didn’t reset for the other feature; then yeah. It would make those less niche and more useful for the end boss. And killing tons of critters would actually provide some HP and SP in the process.


2 thoughts on “Reading is fundamental

  1. PrdPolack

    Stressing out over a game is an over-reaction, just chill, IT IS ONLY A GAME. Failures and successes happen, just as they do in real life. However, in a GAME, a failure is not permanent, as it can be in real life, SO TAKE A CHILL PILL.


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