Reality Bytes

Not a bad weekend, although I put DDO on the backtrack while letting real life guide me. 1 or so levels playing with my wife; she’s really getting the hang of it and capped my sorc. I just decided to muddle through it doing as many things as possible and finally adding Shavarath slayer to the mix and another quest and that was it. Level 20, put on all my epic stuff (2 things, but I ain’t complaining) and then added a half a day finishing off some reward stuff. You know, level 2’s through 10 that I didn’t care to finish just for some additional points and such. So he’s ready for the xpack with the rest of my capped toons but my fighter isn’t. Which isn’t really the worst thing; I have a feeling that while my wife is getting it I also think that she needs to slow down a little to enjoy the last couple of levels and most of all – realize that level 1-8 is not the same as 16-20. Things kills you fast.

It’s pretty fun tho to run with 2 panthers, 2 healers (hirelings) her pet, 2 Xoriat trinket monsters and then my fighter and her arti. It’s a deck full of all type of hireling nonsense. I mean the panthers can handle themselves pretty good, but hirelings have their own ‘issues’. And her pet is pretty sturdy. The Xoriat ones are what most people would call cannon fodder – especially the tentacle and reaver one. And I must say that I’m liking Sword of Terror. The Nightmare effect is nice and with her ability to add some DR breaking capabilities it’ll proc enough to have a meaningful effect on things.

Today is the day.

When everything turns sideways.


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