Touring the battle field – leaving smoking piles of acid and snow flakes behind

My sorc was powerful before the xpack and he’s definately not a pushover at level 24. And mind you he’s still working on level 1 magister stuff so he’s not even banging away with maximum nukes. There’s something truly satisfying seeing gobs of critters melt or turn into iceicles and then explode into shards and it’s even more fun when you’re doing it to critters in sins.

Before I hit 20 I ended up running a few Shavarath quests. And I died. Although I took it real easy when I toured sins I eventually succumbed to the ‘hireling down’ followed by lights out. As level 24 I didn’t even break a sweat let alone stride. Ice and acid makes for a really cool and deadly combination and nothing says destruction quite as well as a nice web, see the devils and Orthon struggle to get lose and then bombing them into oblivion. I didn’t pull any larges but plenty of other stuff and even at 24 I managed to get about 15k worth from the battlefield and 7k something from the quest itself.

So the struggle I have keeping myself on my toes playing level 23 quests is  a proverbial walk in the park at level 19. True – it’s suppose to be easier but it feels nice that my choices pays off.

On a side note. Took my monk for a spin since I found the named wraps from the unquite graves. They’re nice. Untyped damage sure makes a differense. I’m strongly thinking about doing some more TOD to get the final Monk ring or at least re-do my one ring to fit holy burst. A little more DPS is always nice. Considering that I hope to pull something with insightful Strength +3.

Stunning is made a lot easier considering the negative levels on vorpal and the untyped damage won’t get resisted.

2 thoughts on “Touring the battle field – leaving smoking piles of acid and snow flakes behind

  1. IxidorGR

    So you’re running lvl19 content on a lvl24 sorc and you’re finding it easy… hm, surprise would be finding it hard I guess

  2. patang01

    The whole idea is to compare power. Prior to xpack this was the premier wilderness. Highest saves.

    It’s a good way to compare level 20 with level 24 with destinies. I never assumed it would be ‘hard’. And another landmark for what we will consider trivial.


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