Level 25 (holding 25), full draconic and tier 4 Magister with +3 Conjuration twisted along with the one that gives +6 in will save. I could do Charisma and I still might end up twisting another Charisma point but I’m holding around 48 in Charisma with ship buffs and could get 50 possibly 52.

I’ve run more epic level 25 time is money that I’d care to count. I’ve so far made about 30-40 tokens in the process and levelled crazy much destiny. Not that I have ignored other quests – it’s just that it’s been a good ride so far and after I when back to draconic for a while those choices have paid off. It’s expensive to reset your destiny however – 171k the first time and it seems it gets more and more expensive. Let me just say that ‘experimenting’ is not really on the horizon as far as trying things out. plopping down more than 200k for seeing if something works as intended is not really my kind of ‘experimenting’.

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